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SID: Providing Quality Design Education In India!

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Fields like media & communication, design, architecture among various others have picked up prominence in the recent times. With new fields emerging every day, individuals now have the liberty to choose the field of their liking wherein they can pave their career path. While we have spoken about the fields which are gaining prominence, one has to turn their vision towards the field of design which has always seen a rise.

If there happens to be an institution which has mapped this necessity and is providing quality design education in India, it has to be the Symbiosis Institute of Design. As a part of the prestigious Symbiosis International University, SID has time and again pioneered the aforementioned field with innovations. Thanks to the indisputable reputation of Symbiosis International University, one can firmly attest SID to be one of the most sought after colleges in India for design. By offering both bachelor’s and master’s program for students, SID caters to the need of every individual who wishes to excel in the field of design in India.

SID also offers four unique specializations which aim at providing all the plausible options an individual would need. Among all the specializations, SID is among the top design institutes in India for providing fashion designing courses and interior design courses. Along with stated specializations, SID also offers communication design for design aspirants.

The approach at SID is completely project oriented to give the students a real-life experience of what the vocation is truly about. The institution also lays emphasis on performance of the individuals in various circumstances. The four years graduate program comprising of 8 semesters, has four major specializations – Industrial Design, Communication Design, Fashion Management, and Fashion Design. The institution also aims at creating a dynamic perspective to ready the individuals to take on the competitive field of design. The institution also looks to inculcate logical reasoning into minds of the students to ensure they are adept in analytical skills along with the design aspects.

With exemplary design studios that are enriched with the best design minds in the country, SID brings in the best of facilities for everyone. Along the same, the institution has numerous computer labs that help students learn the requisite software for design without any hassles. Aspects like digital animation, graphic design, photography, digital simulation studio, pattern-making, model making, film making, usability lab, sound recording and editing studios are some of the few sections, students of SID are exposed to. In an environment that ensures innovation in every segment, students find it a joy to be a part of the most prestigious fashion design schools in India.

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