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SID: Project-Based Learning For Design Aspirants!

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Sukanta Singha
Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) S No. 231/4A, V
Maharashtra 411014 
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India has always been bound by orthodox principles, both in the society and the way the country functions. Thanks to these notions, one can see that individuals across the country only wish to pursue limited options, in education and in career options that follow. Most of the individuals are either bent upon pursuing engineering or medicine as a part of their major, whilst not giving enough importance to other courses that are available for the grabs. From journalism to filmmaking to architecture, there are numerous options that are available, yet not discovered by the young minds of the country. Another aspect that is much revered, yet ignored by the majority of the student’s designs, which since the medieval ages has been relevant to mankind.

Spearheading the radical shift in design education in India is Symbiosis Institute of Design. Falling under the umbrella of Symbiosis International University, SID has opened and created new avenues in the field of design. Carrying forward the notion of “The world is one family”, SID has time and again proved its prowess as one of the finest design institutes in India. Contributing heavily towards generation and dissemination of knowledge, while promoting ethical and value-based learning, SID has fostered the spirit of national development. With students from across the country, SID aims at inculcating cultural sensitization while developing a sense of global competencies amongst its students. The institution offers various design courses in India that nurture creativity and encourages entrepreneurship among its students to enhance their employability prospects.

Thanks to the unbeatable reputation that Symbiosis International University holds, one can be confident about the teaching standards, leadership competencies at SID. With best-in-class faculty members, students can be confident of achieving the highest plausible outcomes through the learning at SID. The institute offers two programs – the bachelors of design (B.Des) and masters’ of design (M.Des), along with providing interior designing courses among numerous others. By following a project-based learning, students get to apply their learning to real-world aspects, thereby fulfilling the purpose of the course.

With specializations in various streamlines such as Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Communication and Communication Design, students at SID can opt for the course of their liking in a 4-year graduate program that comprises of eight semesters in total. On the other hand, the masters’ program is of two years comprising a total of 4 semesters. The courses are so designed to help the students face the competitive world of design in the most adept fashion. Apart from the conventional courses, SID also aims at inculcating analytical and reasoning skills into its students to ensure a holistic learning of all the aspects.

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