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Sweets Are us
87 Brooklyn Gardens, Baglan Moors Port
Talbot Sa12 7PD 
United Kingdom

Wales – 28/08/2019 – With the dramatic soar in e-com sites; consumers are opting more and more for shopping online. From furniture to clothes, from grocery to even sweets and candies; everything today is being purchased online. ‘Sweets Are Us’; despite being the most renowned and leading Wales Traditional Sweets Shop; also has opened its digital wings to serve consumers and sweet lovers an endless array of delectable sweets and candies online. At this best Online Confectionery Shop Wales, you can get abundant of choices for retro candies, chewy and soft candies, sugar-free sweets, Valentine’s Day candy hampers, and much more while maintaining a pocket-friendly balance.

Celebrations and delightful sweets are complementary to each other, and we at “Sweets Are Us” always try to make those special moments more special and sickly with unlimited collection of delectable sweets and candies. Sweets Are Us is the best Online Confectionery Shop Wales to serve you the most delicious selection of candies and sweets delivered to your doorstep, saving you so much time, money, and effort. You can avail traditional sweets, retro hampers, latest candies, chewy chocolates, and even sugar-free candies under one roof to celebrate all your special moments at Wales Traditional Sweets Shop.

Being the best Online Sweets Store Wales; we offer consumers an endless array of sugar-free candies, retro sweets, special incentives, and gift hampers to complement all their happy moments and celebratory events. As compared to the Wales Traditional Sweets Shop, the e-com store of “Sweets Are Us” offers more choices in terms of quality, quantity, and flavors in the candy and sweet department.

“Our sweets and candies signify happiness, festivity, and joyfulness. From small special moments to major events like marriage and birthday; we can supply your sweets of different design, flavor, and quality at both individual and bulk orders. For keen travellers and passionate foodies, we serve the best culinary delights of our country through hampers”: said one of the topmost executives of Sweets Are Us in a recent statement.

About Us

Sweets Are Us is the most renowned and highly praised Online Sweets Store Wales. Since more than decades; our Online Confectionery Shop Wales has been offering you candies and sweets in bulk and individual orders. Our fun-packed journey started with a passion for sweets and candies, followed by supplying a few boxes of imported American chewy, retro, and caffeine candies. Today, Sweets Are Us is a super-powered and celebrated destination for all kind of delectable candies and sweets for every type of celebration and event. In the last 10+ years, we have transformed into a reliable and dedicated supplier and wholesale distributor of thousands of candies and sweet products to satisfy the taste bud of our consumers. To know more about us, you can browse our website or pay a visit to our Wales-based store. Complete address details are given below.

Contact Information
Sweets Are Us
87 Brooklyn Gardens, Baglan Moors Port, Talbot Sa12 7PD
Phone: 07963 145428

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