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Sharp Fluidics Features Operative Armour

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August 27, 2019: Sharp Fluidics is pleased to announce their new Operative Armour product, specifically designed to make wound suturing easier, safer and more time-efficient for surgeons. This product offers a vast number of benefits to the surgical team, including eliminating the need to handle exposed needles, improved workflow, efficiency, and easier needle counting.

Operative Armour is a suture management system designed with surgeons in mind. Closing up at the end of surgery can be one of the most difficult times. Add in the fact surgeons are often feeling some level of fatigue at this point in the surgery, and it can be a recipe for disaster. With the new Operative Armour product designed by Sharp Fluidics, surgeons can now experience a safer suture procedure and ensure the safety and well-being of their patients in surgery. This product is the ideal solution for multiple types of surgeries and wound closure procedures.

Sharp Fluidics was created by a team of surgeons who understand the unique challenges that present themselves in the surgical suite. This allowed them to create the Operative Armour system to help their colleagues more effectively perform surgeries and give their patients the highest level of patient care.

Anyone interested in learning about this Operative Armour system or any of their other products can find out more by visiting the Sharp Fluidics website or by calling 1-866-376-4686.

About Sharp Fluidics: Sharp Fluidics was founded by a team of surgeons who wanted to provide their colleagues with solutions to some of the challenges found in the surgical suite. Their Operative Armour suture management system makes the surgical suite a safer place and ensures a higher level of patient care.

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Sharp Fluidics Operative Armour® Suture Needle Management System provides clinicians with closure autonomy, minimizes needlestick injury hazard, reduces potential for retained foreign objects. Sharp Fluidics enables safer, more efficient operating room workflows by enabling the surgeon to self-dispense and self-secure needles during closure.

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