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See-N-Read Tools To Improve Spelling & Vocabulary

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Aurora, IL/2019: Learners with problems in reading, spelling and vocabulary can benefit from a variety of tools that offer support in improving study skills. See-N-Read is one such platform that provides practical support to learners in the form of research-based and classroom tested tools for developing reading & learning skills.

It was founded as an endeavor to help children who had difficulty in reading. This humble project has transformed into a successful and trusted source of tools to assist children in getting better at reading and learning. The tools help readers track what they read, visually process the material, comprehend, be fluent and develop their skills for learning and reading.

Tool For Improving Spellings And Vocabulary

It is a spelling and vocabulary 40-page quick reference guide that assists writers in spelling commonly used words in the American Lexicon. At the same time it improves vocabulary and builds confidence.

It’s “At-a-glance” style improves academic vocabulary and writing skills. It helps writers in finding better words instead of settling for simpler words.

The reference guide has three sections where section one comprises of more than 300 American words that are commonly used, section two includes commonly misspelled words and the last section has special interest words.

It includes a free document size reading tool.

Why Choose Them?

All tools are compliant with the CPSIA regulations. The materials used are polyester-based and free of toxic additives or heavy metals.

Multi-user licenses for corporate and educational use.

Customer service for technical issues.

The tools are suitable for all ages.

They foster concentration, tracking and learning strategies.

The methods used are easy to use.

The tools improve eye control and visual processing.

They help students in developing disciplined study methods, reading at their own pace and retaining what they read.

To know more about See-N-Read tools for spelling and vocabulary, feel free to call at (630) 236 – 5592. You can also visit 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL 60502-9461 or log in to

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