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Robert Whittaker- I’m coming back in October, and I’m going to make sure everyone remembers

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Whitaker in the pre-fight conference stated that he has unfinished business in his home soil Melbourne. And would like to put a show that a lot of his fans are waiting desperately for. He is considered not to have the best of luck lately. For more than a year now, he has been AWOL due to health crises.

Grave contamination and an untimely attack of chickenpox forced him out of his initial title defence against Luke Rockhold at UFC 221 in Perth last year. Later he was struggling with the hernia trouble and collapsed bowel with his fast-approaching battle with Gastelum at Rod Laver Arena in January. Which unfortunately he was unable to attend again.

The road last year for Whittaker was not so high. And he is all charged to make this year count, by battling with the uprising interim middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. He has climbed the ladder of success within just a few years.
The showdown is the most awaited event of Oceania as it is going to occur between the world’s best middleweight champions.

There is a lot at stake for both the contenders. And each one is prepping for the unification title championship by their strategies. Adesanya is using trash talk to challenge and create hype among supporters directly. Whereas Robert Whittaker, instead of pursuing a jugular war, is focusing on making his mark again on his territory.

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