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Reliance Trading Co. Limited: S&P 500 almost hits record high, Major Indices are up market wraps up

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Stocks rallied briefly on today’s session getting back what was loss from the prior days. S&P 500 almost hit a record high breaking above 3,386.16 level from February 19 but fell short just as the market close this Wednesday.

Tech giants rebounds big time helping Nasdaq bring back its 11,000 level. Microsoft is up by 2.9% while Apple increased 3.3%. Facebook, Netflix and Alphabet all rose more than 1% while Amazon is up by 2.7%.

Here are the main movements in the Global Stock Market;

– The S&P 500 jumped up with 46.64 points increased or 1.40% to 3,380.33.
– The Dow Jones Industrial Averages climbed 289.64 points or 1.05% up to 27,976.55. Recording its highest in the past six months.
– Nasdaq Composite advanced with 229.42 points gains or 2.13% up to 11,012.24. Breaking the 10k range for the second time this month.
– The MSCI All-Country World Index jumped 1.2% to 570.82, the highest in almost six months on the biggest surge in more than five weeks.


– The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note gained more than 2 basis points to 0.685% on the start of today’s session but ended lower as the market closed.
– The yield on the 30-year Treasury bond has no to little change at 1.351%.
– Germany’s 10-year yield advances with at least three basis points to -0.45%, the highest in four weeks.
– Britain’s 10-year yield increases a bit around four basis points to 0.237%, the highest in almost eight weeks.


– US Dollar Currency Index is rallying on the same range with a little to no change at $93.34 per share.
– The Japanese yen decreased a few points with 0.4% loss to 106.89 per dollar, its weakest yet in the last three weeks.
– The euro climbed up with 0.4% to $1.1788.


– Gold depreciate about 4.91 points or 0.26% down to $1,921.16 an ounce. Markings its 6th day straight loss.
– Silver decreased 0.26 point or 1.02% to $26.66 an ounce.
– West Texas Intermediate crude is up by 1.06 points or 2.55% to $42.67 per barrel.
– Brent crude gained 0.93 point or 2.09% to $45.43 per barrel.

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