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Reliable Harmar DW 100 Ascent Dumbwaiter Available at DAY Elevator & Lift

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DAY Elevator& Lift, a leading supplier of accessibility equipment, supplies premium quality dumbwaiters in New York. The DW 100 Ascent Dumbwaiter from Harmar is available at DAY. This reliable, durable, and easy to use dumbwaiter provides quick floor-to-floor transfer of materials in commercial and residential buildings.

The DW100 Ascent features a proven-reliable drive system pre-mounted on the track, which reduces installation time. With a load capacity of 100 lbs, it comes with a nominal speed of 24 fpm. The key features of Harmar DW100 Ascent Dumbwaiter include:

• Plug-in temporary bypass control facilitates installation/maintenance
• Low voltage, automatic operation call/send controls (24V)
• Load capacity of 100 lbs
• Nominal speed of 24 fpm
• Standard and final limit switches
• No pulleys to install
• High-quality G.A.L. interlocks for safe and reliable performance
• Easy-open, bi-parting car doors
• A single, simplified rail system
• Plug-in temporary bypass control facilitates installation/maintenance

The proven Ascent drive train system rides on a single extruded-aluminum track. Installation is as simple as connecting sections of track, securing the drive cable to the header, and wiring the controls and interlocks. With its ready-to-finish maple doors, the system can blend into any type of décor.

Serving the areas of New York and New Jersey, DAY offers a wide range of premium quality dumbwaiter in New Jersey from top manufacturers at competitive prices. In addition to providing quality accessibility equipment, DAY is known for its excellent after-sales service. They have factory-trained technicians to provide timely on-call service, and inspection and testing support to keep the lifts they supply in excellent working condition. The company takes great pride in their “service-oriented” culture and proactive commitment towards customer satisfaction.

About DAY Elevator and Lift

A leading supplier of accessibility equipment serving the areas of New York and New Jersey, DAY Elevator & Lift was established in 1992. The company offers technology-driven accessibility products and solutions for residential and commercial purposes. DAY’s extensive collection includes elevators, wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters, ceiling lifts and much more. The company also provides excellent support for project design, selection and installation.

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50 Hempstead Gardens Drive
West Hempstead, NY 11552
Phone: (800)758-5438

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