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Redwood Capital Management Limited: Nasdaq Composite fell short but remained at 11,000, Gold dropped

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Nasdaq Composite fell rapidly on today’s session after tech giants such as Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft and Apple dipped simultaneously. Microsoft and Amazon are down around 1.8%. Neflix dipped by 2.8% while Apple loss at least 2.3% which contributed on Nasdaq dropped.

The remaining major indices remained positive though. The Dow gained around 40 points while S&P 500 rise a bit with 2.1 points.

Gold index and oil prices loss a bit but treasuries are up, while currencies are rallied mixed.

Here are the main movements on the Global Stock Market;


– S&P 500 increased a bit with 2.1 points or 0.06% change to 3,351.26.
– The Dow Jones Industrial Average has 46.36 points or 0.17% advanced to 27,433.34.
– Nasdaq Composite is down with -97.09 points or -0.87% to 11,010.98.
– The Stoxx Europe 600 Index rose 0.3%.
– The MSCI Asia Pacific Index declined 1.3%.


– The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note is up to 0.549%.
– The yield on the 30-year Treasury bond advanced quite a bit to 1.214%.
– Britain’s 10-year yield raised three basis points to 0.14%.
– Germany’s 10-year yield jumps at least two basis points to -0.51%.


– Gold fell short with -37.89 points or -1.86% changes to $2,032.16 an ounce.
– Silver is down by -1.06 points or -3.62% to $28.30 an ounce.
– West Texas Intermediate crude loss 0.73 points or -0.74% to $41.22 per barrel.
– Brent crude dipped quite a bit with 0.69 points loss or -1.53% to $44.40 per barrel.


– US Dollar Currency Index increased with 0.62 points change or 0.67% to $93.39 per share.
– The Japanese yen weakened 0.4% to 105.96 per dollar.
– The euro sank 0.8% to $1.1786.

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