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Reading Tools To Improve Learning Skills

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Aurora, IL/ 2020: Efficient reading tools reinforce learning and build the necessary skills to improve engagement. See-n-Read Reading Tools offer research-based learning and reading products to enhance learning skills. It is an online resource for adults and kids with learning problems.

It offers efficient tools to deal with reading and learning difficulties. The tools have become a popular resource for effective reading and learning for adults and children. All the products are designed to provide affordable support for all types of learners.

Tools To Improve Learning Skills

See-N-Read Reading Tools: Comprise of a “Reading Strip” for helping readers stay on a single line when reading a paragraph. It prevents distractions, minimizes line skipping, reduces pattern glare and improves reading comprehension.

MemoryMark: A tool used for highlighting and underlining relevant text while reading and helps build the reader’s interest in the process.

eSee-N-Read: It is an electronic reading and instructional tool for PCs that provides the benefits of See-N-Read tools on the computer and improves classroom instructions and presentation with its interactive whiteboard compatibility.

ColorTag: Consists of a patented Study Recall System that is designed to help readers and writers to systematically read, organize and retrieve key information.

See-N-Spell: Spelling and vocabulary quick reference guide to strengthen a learner’s command over the language, improve writing skills and improve spellings.

Benefits Of Using Our Reading Tools

The tools are compliant with CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) – BPA free, non-toxic materials are used.

Research-based and classroom-tested assistive technology has been used to create these tools.

The tools are effective for fatigued adults to read complex materials.

They can be used with any curriculum or reading material.

They make learning faster and easier.

Improve moderate to severe learning skill deficiencies for every age group.

Help develop reading and memory strategies.

Readers/learners who use the tools have been shown to exhibit better concentration, faster reading speed, improved academic vocabulary, better memory,and better spelling skills.

For more information on the learning tools provided by See-n-Read Reading Tools, you can call at (630) 236 – 5592 or log on to You can also visit 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL – 60502.

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