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QA Mentor To Offer Automation Testing Service for Simplified and Fast Testing

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QA Mentor is a leading software testing company that offers a wide range of software testing services to benefit its clients across the globe. Recently, the CEO and Founder of the company, Ruslan Desyatnikov, made an announcement about their Automation Testing Services. This service is part of their functional testing services. However, clients can also use it as an independent software testing service, if needed.

The company will offer automation, aka automated testing services, with an aim to provide simplified and fast software testing. This will reduce the testing life cycle as well as required manual efforts. The client companies can take benefit of the automated testing service offered by this best software testing company to speed up the testing process in order to assure and improve quality of the end product.

“Automation testing is a boon in many cases. In fact, there are certain test cases that demand automation testing otherwise they would result in waste of time and resources. Thus, it is one of the most important types of functional software testing. There are many tools which can be used for automation testing. However, they all require experience and expertise, which everyone may not have. Our software testing experts are well trained and highly experienced in automation testing. They have used both open source and paid testing tools. Also, they are skilled automation script writers that can perform the testing job at its best. We have benefited many clients with our Automated testing service and we are looking forward to cater to more clients with our best automation testing services.”, shared Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder and CEO, QA Mentor, Inc.

According to the shared details, the software testing experts of the company will follow a specific approach. Below are the steps followed by the software testing experts of the company:

– The testers understand the software and the company requirement before starting the actual software testing process.

– Based on the outlined information, they suggest automation tools to be used for the software testing process. Also, the software testing engineers will help clients to customize the testing tools if they have already selected the tools to be used for the software testing process.

– Once the first phase of tool selection and test case writing is done, the automation testing will be performed.

– After the automation testing, the testing engineers of the QA Mentor will provide a professional bug report.

– The software testing engineers will provide required consultation to the developers to assure they understand the bugs and resolve it properly.

– Once the reported defects and bugs are fixed, the software testing team will perform regression testing to assure the expected quality.

– The software testing team will also maintain the automation testing scripts based on the new releases of the software.

The company has benefited many client companies across the globe with their client-centric approach and the best automation testing services. To know more about the offered automated testing service, please visit

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