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Presskit – NumReceipt Best Expense Manager

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Capture your expense receipts with our receipt scanner & manage finance to keep money in control. NumReceipt – Your Receipt Bank for peaceful spending.At NumReceipt, we pride ourselves on our commitment to protecting your privacy. You can view our Privacy Statement here and on the site for the services.Make your financial life better

NumReceipt helps you to store all paper receipts & manage your personal / business finances. Download NumReceipt App today and start tracking your daily expense activities to keep the money under control.

Features in NumReceipt:

Store your receipts in a minute

Generate your report into PDF/XLS

Automatic tagging by OCR/GPS Point

Support multiple currencies

Exchange Rate calculated automatically

Backup your data to your favorite cloud services

Track Business miles for tax reimbursement

Search by Retailer, Category, Notes and many more

Save Time:
To enhance customer experience by delivering cost-efficient solutions and to make user’s journey as seamless and hassle-free as possible by saving their money and time.

Scan, Extract & Store your receipt in a snap.

Capture all your expense receipts simple, fast, and accurate. OCR feature enables you to extract the expense data like retailer name, total, tax, date from your paper receipt automatically for easy receipt upload. Just take a click of receipts from your smartphone & track your spending to save time and hassle.

Income and Expense Control

Understand your monthly income and start managing your money spent on daily expense activities. Be organized ( spending by category ) & keep track of all your expense receipts. Start planning your financial budget based on the changing needs & increase the money savings. Pull your bank transactions or credit card statements and manage all your accounts at one place.

Track your Travel miles

Keep track of your travel miles to save time, maximize tax deductions using mileage tracker. Get precise location reports using GPS tracking and have stress-free loggings. Categorize your personal & business trip logs and get your mileage reports for expense reimbursement.

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