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Premium Quality Refurbished Chemistry and Immunoassay Analyzers available at Block Scientific

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Block Scientific, a global supplier of laboratory equipment based in New York, offers premium quality equipment from leading manufacturers at great prices. Laboratories can choose from a wide range of refurbished chemistry and immunoassay analyzers at great prices. These include:

• Olympus / Beckman Coulter AU680: This chemistry analyzer is designed to help medium to high throughput laboratories meet the ever-increasing pressures of time and productivity. It offers up to 1200 tests per hour and comes with an on-board capacity of up to 63 different tests in parallel. The AU680 Chemistry System’s benefits in a nutshell are – improved user convenience including automation options, extended analytical reach, and reduced operating costs.
• AU480 Chemistry Analyzer: This Olympus / Beckman Coulter chemistry analyzer is a fully automated, random access chemistry system with STAT capability. Ideal for small to medium sized laboratories, the AU480 offers a throughput of 400 photometric tests per hour and an on-board capacity of 63 different analytes. Features include: continuous loading sample feeder, flexible STAT rotor, large reagent compartment, cuvette wheel with low maintenance and best in class ISE.

– Olympus AU400: A fully automated chemistry analyzer for routine, STAT, urine and homogenous immunoassays by Diagnostic Systems Group of Olympus America Inc., the AU400 can be used in single or multiple locations such as hospitals, core and commercial laboratories. The enhanced QC menu allows users to keep track of results.

– DPC Immulite 2000: Offering fully integrated operation, this continuous random access immunoassay analyzer from DPC (Diagnostic Products Corporation, now a division of Siemens) is a fully automated system known for its simplicity, reliability, flexible platforms, expanded menu list and high performance features. It uses enzyme-amplified chemiluminescent chemistry for antibody/antigen detection.

– Integra 400+: The COBAS INTEGRA 400 Plus analyzer from Roche Diagnostics is an ideal option for laboratories running up to 400 samples per day. It comes with four measuring technologies — Absorbance photometry, Turbidimetry, Fluorescence polarimetry, and Ion-selective electrode potentiometry. Featuring a compact foot print, the analyzer offers maximum versatility to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

– Advia Centaur XP: Manufactured by Siemens, this analyzer is designed to maximize productivity, regardless of volume or types of tests. It allows clinical and research labs to handle both routine and specialized testing without sacrificing efficiency.

– Dimension EXL200 Integrated Chemistry System: This chemical analyzer from Siemens comes with patented LOCI® Advanced Chemiluminescent Technology and automated productivity-enhancing features. Ideal for both low-volume and STAT laboratories, it provides fast, reliable results. Chemistry and immunoassay integration allows simultaneous processing to maximize workflow efficiency.

– Dimension EXL With LM Integrated Chemistry System: This integrated chemistry and immunoassay analyzer from Siemens comes with extensive onboard capacity. Benefits include: speed, accuracy, and excellent precision; high sensitivity, short reaction times, excellent STAT testing capability, and low sample volume.

With a comprehensive product line, Block Scientific is a reliable partner for labs of all sizes. In addition to providing comprehensive support throughout the purchase process and excellent after-sales service, this reliable supplier of laboratory equipment offers reagent rental plans, equipment leasing, and recertified equipment at great prices. Customers can also benefit from comprehensive purchase-related guidance and excellent after-sales service.

About Block Scientific

Based in New York, Block Scientific is a reliable clinical laboratory equipment supplier that offers a wide range of lab equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Products offered include chemistry analyzers, centrifuges, dry baths, reagents, consumables and more.

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