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Pondering for a Trustable Source of Ground Transportation: Medilift Road Ambulance in Patna

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Thursday, September 02, 2021: The underlying trouble in the safe commutation of patients for enhanced treatment can turn into a nightmare for many. Every single minute counts in a medical crisis, so providing smooth medical care is an urge of the hour. Ground evacuation is a complex procedure and plays a significant role in emergency medical services. The Road Ambulance Service in Patna operated by Medilift Road Ambulance emerged with conviction in medical plight. We outshined in gloomy times due to our proficient and punctual services ensuring on-way safety of patients. Commuting patients amid heavy traffic in Patna is very challenging but our gifted drivers have turned it into an easy task. We offer round-the-clock services along with pre-hospitalization counseling.

The Road Ambulance Patna is a boon for residents of Patna. We are committed to offering safe patient transportation services within a fraction of time by excelling in our operations and aiming at innovation. We outshine among ambulance service providers due to dedication towards our duties, empathy for patrons, and a sense of belonging with patients. We boast a fleet of well-equipped ambulances and a strong network of advance medical facilities. The Road Ambulance Service from Patna performs oleaginous operations in ambulances furnished with advance medical equipment. While commuting through the road we abide by traffic regulations and adhere to clinical protocols. We work seamlessly to provide quick responses to the needy, even in the wee hours.

Medilift Road Ambulance in Ranchi: A Cost-Effective Option for Patient Transportation via Road

Road Ambulance Services in Ranchi rushing under Medilift Air Ambulance is the leading provider of road ambulance services in two categories: basic ambulances, and cardiac ambulance. Our basic ambulance is getting utilized for transporting non-emergency patients such as patients going for dialysis. The firm’s cardiac ambulances are provided to emergency patients reporting cardiac symptoms such as chest pain, unconsciousness, etc.
I would like to share a recent incident of transporting a Covid positive patient to a healthcare facility. The team of Road Ambulance Service from Ranchi received a call asking for an ambulance to shift a Covid patient to any medical center. The patient reported a dip in oxygen saturation level. Our remedial crew not only just reached the spot on time but also got the patient shifted to a hospital with the help of its strong network. I take privilege in informing that such types of incidents act as a motivation capsule for our team wherein they put their heart out to contribute to our mission of providing accessible medical care to all in the shortest time duration.

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