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Petrochemical Products – An Extensive Market for Valuable Resources

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Petroleum, also synonyms to crude oil, is used in manufacturing a number of products. These products are also considered to be by-line items which include gasoline i.e. petrol, jet fuel, diesel, home heating oil, lubricating oil, wax, paraffin wax, asphalt, and many more. Transportation and power generation are primarily the two major sectors where petrochemical products are widely demanded and used. To fulfil this need, many importers in Assam make high quality and best composed products available in the market.

12th Aug, 2021: Bhavya Enterprise is one of the leading petro product distributors in Assam. Capturing the market share with a massive lead, this company deals with export, import and distribution of an all-encompassing range of petrochemical products. It majorly deals in paraffin wax, bitumen & emulsions, a vast range of industrial chemicals, PVC resin and road furniture & machinery. Let’s take a look at each of these items below:

Properties and Uses of Petroleum Products

• Polyvinyl chloride popularly known as PVC resin is a material often used in making plastics and rubbers. It is available in the form of a white powder which is used in the production of thermoplastics. It is a raw material that can be used to create a various products that are soft, flexible, light or rigid in composition. This is one of the most popular products rated by exporters in Assam.

• The petroleum product market is flooded with thousands of industrial chemicals. Some of these are used to produce consumer goods, or even to generate energy. Some of these are also applicable in the production of other industrial chemicals. Some of the popular industrial chemicals include Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4), Ethylene (C2H4), Sodium Hydroxide (NAOH), Propylene (C3H6) and Nitrogen (N2)

• Bitumen & emulsions are readily available with many suppliers in Assam but their quality is assured only by a few. Bitumen emulsions are extensively used in bituminous road construction along with some maintenance and repair works. This is an eco-friendly and water-based product which can be applied even during wet weather.

• Road furniture items are highly demanded by the Construction industry. The term basically introduces all those items which are used for the safety as well as control of traffic on road. Some of these items include telephone booths, tourist information signs, mailboxes, and trash receptacles.

All these petroleum products are highly demanded by Transportation and Power Generation sectors. Some of the chemicals are also for domestic uses such as detergents, wax, vaseline, kerosene etc. Ethylene is one such chemical that is used to make different types of films and plastics as well as is a cleaning agent. It is found in detergent and lubricants of various mechanical components.

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