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Patient Transport with Bed To Bed Transfer Facility by Global Air Ambulance In Kolkata

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Tuesday, 06 August 2019. Hey there, Greetings.

Happy to announce that all the ambulance of Global Air Ambulance has recently updated with the new and advanced medical types of equipment, used for the treatment and care while shifting.

The pieces of equipment used in all Global Air Ambulance to deal with the medical emergencies are given below:

Stretcher – A must-have the equipment and it plays an important role when dealing with the medical emergencies
Defibrillator- Normally used in life-threatening situations and it restores the normal rhythm to the heart.
ICU (Intensive CareUnit) -  it provides intensive care, life support medicines required for the patient suffering from serious sickness or injury
ECG Machines – best for the patient suffering from heart disease and which covers any disorder. It allows the technician to monitor the overall rhythm of the heart and check abnormalities.
Portable Oxygen cylinder –  it is required to improve the energy level of a patient
Pacemaker – A small Implantable electric device placed in the patient chest to help and control the unusual heart rhythm
Ventilator – The availability of this life-saving equipment in every ambulance is necessary and it ensures that the patient continues breathing during surgery.
Suction machine – a portable suction machine can be used to remove substances such as saliva, blood, and vomit from a patient’s airway.
Nebulizer machine – a special drug delivering device mostly used to administer medication for a serious patient and commonly used for the treatment of disease or disorders, and
All basic and advanced life support pieces of equipment.

These are all essential equipment that an ambulance should always have to deal with the medical emergencies and it is required for patient convenience. Hence the ambulances of Global Air Ambulance exhaustively well equipped with these medical tools. And, booking Global Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata, a patient safely transfer by the highly skilled emergency assistant, nurse and expert doctor with the availability of advanced medical types of equipment inside an ambulance.

Due to the availability of such advanced medical machines in an ambulance people from Ranchi, prefer the most the Global Air Ambulance Service in Ranchi in case of a medical emergency. A serious patient transfer by road ambulance takes a long time to reach hospital; hence air ambulance is more suitable for long-distance critical patient transferring. The services can be accessed from anywhere because of its service in all over India and all around the world.

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