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Parents Learn How To Earn Extra Income With This Childrens Books Writing Webinar

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Are you searching for ways to increase your passive income while at home? Have you ever wanted to write and publish a children’s book?We See Results have launched their new passive income webinar for parents like you who are looking to work from home. The course teaches you how to write, publish, and sell children’s books online. 

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The announced webinar from We See Results is a collaboration with Jay Boyer, a successful children’s’ author. The online training details the steps you need to publish a profitable children’s book. The course is ideal if you are a parent who wants to work from home or earn a passive income.In the current global climate, many parents are looking for ways to boost their income or for ways to earn additional money while working in isolation. We See Results uses The Children’s Book Formula as a basis for the training. Jay Boyer developed the formula after he wrote a series of children’s books, which saved him from financial difficulties.Faced with problems that are becoming familiar to many people in the current global situation, Jay’s successful carpentry business was hit by a collapsing housing market.

Struggling to keep on top of his bills, and at risk of losing his home, Jay looked for ways to boost his income. It was then that Jay found Amazon Publishing and wrote several children’s books that generated enough income to save his finances. Jay has since made over a million dollars on Amazon through eBooks and print books, earning enough to send his son to college.Now, in partnership with We See Results, Jay has put together a webinar to help others like you find your success with The Children’s Book Formula. The webinar covers all aspects of children’s book publishing, including the inception of a story idea and getting illustrations. It also includes information on publishing and launching a children’s book to the Amazon best-seller lists.The webinar also includes a complete case study of how Jay wrote his first best-selling children’s book with his 8-year old son. The course is free, and you will receive a complimentary copy of the children’s book formula cheatsheet and class summary upon registering.Get started in your book publishing career and earn passive income from home with The Children’s Book Formula. 

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