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Ortega Disability Group Helps Individuals Qualify for Social Security Disability

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Ortega Disability
1100 Town and Country Road, Suite 1228
CA 92868 
United States

Orange, California: Ortega Disability Group is pleased to announce they help individuals qualify for Social Security disability benefits with efficient representation. They assist clients with the initial claims process and filing appeals to ensure they get the benefits they deserve.

After a free consultation, Ortega Disability Group works closely with clients to gather the necessary documentation for their case and helps them fill out the paperwork correctly on the appropriate timeline. They understand how stressful filing for Social Security disability benefits can be and strive to ensure their clients get the support and guidance they need for a prompt decision. They don’t collect any fees until the client receives their benefits, giving them peace of mind when working with the law firm.

In addition to helping individuals file an initial claim, the lawyers at Ortega Disability Group are available to help individuals appeal the denial of a claim. They understand the Social Security process and can identify mistakes that cost individuals their case. After correcting the errors, they help individuals work through the appeals process to get the benefits they deserve.

Anyone interested in learning about representation for Social Security disability cases can find out more by visiting the Ortega Disability Group website or by calling 1-800-322-1173.

About Ortega Disability Group: Ortega Disability Group is a full-service law firm assisting with filing Social Security disability claims. They understand many people rely on these benefits and strive to help them get a prompt decision on their claims. Their knowledgeable team works closely with clients to get the results they deserve.

Company: Ortega Disability Group
Address: 1100 Town and Country Road, Suite 1228
City: Orange
State: CA
Zip code: 92868
Telephone number: 1-800-322-1173
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