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Online Marketing For Local Business Owners Recently Gained A Stealth Surveillance System That Secret

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John Pickett
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Local Marketing Resource (LMR), is a very focused local online marketing firm for small businesses. They offer incredible new data on their latest case studies for a new stealth marketing technology that steals clients inside competitors business 24/7.

This is not grand daddy’s method of marketing but a type of stealth surveillance system on the competitors business.

The terms Hyper Mobile Targeting and Geo-Conquesting is not well known however it’s now far more advanced using ground breaking stealth technology.

Watch System Overview Video Here:

Online marketing has never been this advanced invasive complimentary or scary all at the same time. It basically depends which side of the marketing you happen to be on to form the opinion and it’s best to be the hunter not hunted.

Most owners realize the competitors customers are the perfect & highest quality target to gain for a competing business. It’s also the goal of most paid advertising to attract and gain the viewer.

The LMR developers designed this system specifically for local business owners to legally market to & steal the highest quality target customer within any business.

Once the process is employed it seems like an unfair advantage to the competitor being targeted but an obvious solid investment for the business doing the targeting.

A customer just has to walk into the competitor’s business or target location. With pin point accuracy we grab a special ID from within the phone and pin it to the system. Neither the business nor customer knows they’re under surveillance & targeted.

Once the customer is pinned and leave the targeted location the ads continually display for weeks months or for as long as we like.

Not only are the ads seen on their smartphones the system has an intelligent retargeting element built in to cross market on all their devices like tablets laptops desktops even at home & at work. The system works non-stop 24//7/365.

This technology is awesome because it eliminates the traditional marketing guess work like FB ads direct mail email or shoppers guides where the message is rarely seen by the intended people remembered and acted upon.

By placing an enticing message/ad in front of the competitor’s customers while they are visiting the rivals business allows the message to be seen right away to draw them away from the competitor.

John E Pickett, Regional Sales Mgr of Local Marketing Resource stated: “Legally stealing customers from inside your competitor’s business, is epic, game changing & groundbreaking stealth technology. Your competitor & their customers, have no idea they are targeted & gives you the advantage capturing the highest focused buyers for the same products & services your business offers”.

These case studies provide real-world results and places the right ad in front of the right person at the right time. An agreement with over 180,000 advertising sites, insures the likeliness the ads will be displayed & seen.

It confirms the stealth technology of Hyper Mobile & Geo-Conquesting is a highly effective solution for getting a business’ message out in front of the exact target market (the competitors customers) without guessing.

Compared to the traditional methods of marketing faced by business owners this type of secret surveillance system is an advantage to eclipse the competition and maintain a healthy market share.

Pickett also stated: “Smart business owners see the revelation & are excited about adopting the technology. Any business who doesn’t adopt this system first, will unknowingly be targeted by rival businesses and face losing their customers without control”.

Download the case studies here:

These concrete examples of success documents the steps taken by a Personal Injury Atty, Casino & Auto Dealer Showing Costs for Period, KPI-Key Performance Indicators & Retargeting Group Segments.

Among the information included:

Personal Injury Attorney – He wanted to connect with people who have been injured as soon as possible after the accident and relay how his firms services would help.

Example. We targeted several hospital emergency rooms showing ads while people waited to see a doctor in the waiting room. He slashed PPC costs & clients as well.

Casino – We targeted people who visited other adjacent communities & rival casinos to let them know about their gaming and great deals they offered. They gained thousands of new customers very inexpensively.

Auto Dealer – We targeted several local competing outside car lots & adjacent communities telling them about the dealership and deals they offered. The system cut PPC in half delivered 6 new customers and we know which rival lots the customers came from.

LMR has more specific information you can watch [Auto Dealer]( … [Dentist]( … [Personal Injury Atty](…[Restaurant]( …[Bad/Negative Reputation](

Local business owners frustrated with poor, lacking results want more business & the ability to place the right ad in front of the right people at the right time are invited to download & review the case studies directly:

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