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On Demand International Announces Addition of Germany Company Formation in their Product List

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Germany is one of the most attractive foreign investment countries in Europe. Its central location, convenient access to other EU markets, good infrastructure and high-quality workforce make it suitable for investment in multiple business areas. One area that stands out is research and development, but investment opportunities abound, especially in cities like Berlin.

Why choose Germany?

Germany has one of the top economies in Europe and the world. As one of the world’s most important economies, it attracts many foreign investors looking to start a new company. In terms of foreign investment, Germany is actually one of the preferred destinations in the world. Moreover, Germany is the second most important exporter in the world. The workforce is also good for foreign investors preparing to set up a company in Germany, especially because employees have made a significant contribution to the company’s development. Quality of life and stable industrial relations are essential for German employees. Another advantage is that the social security system is well structured.

To Start the Procedure

Once your German company is incorporated, we can also assist you in procuring a business visa for the Europe as part of this
service. We provide you up to 2 business formal invitation letters. In this service, we also provide visa documents checklist,
fill up the visa application on your behalf, make appointments at your preferred and available dates at the closest visa
appointment center provide general guidance.

To Start the Procedure
We will require the following documents and information to begin the process.
• Passport copy of each Director/Shareholder.
• Proof of the address (e.g. utility bill) of each director and the shareholder.
• Completed Data Form.
Once we receive the client’s request to incorporate, a Proforma Invoice is sent to approve for chosen services. Company incorporation starts only after we have received a 50% advance payment from the client. Clients are required to sign a Power of Attorney (POA) in favor of the German notary in case of the remote formation. All director’s identification documents, data cards, and POA have to be legalized and apostilled by a foreign notary. Please remote company incorporation takes 15-20 working days from the date of receipt of the advance payment. The incorporation time is subject to authorities’ scrutiny and may take longer than usual in some cases.

About On Demand International

On Demand International is the official trade name for Goods On Demand BV, kvk registration no. 70188939. Headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we are a global ‘Market Entry Specialist’ company that is fully focused on non-resident companies and startups. We specialize in supporting and guiding entrepreneurs from all over the world to set up and grow their companies in Europe, Canada, America, and India. On Demand International’s unique Single Delivery Platform helps businesses to enter new markets with complete confidence. We always standby our commitment to ‘Delivering Solutions beyond Borders’.

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