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Old St. Mary’s Church – One of the Most Unique Churches in Detroit, MI

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John Kruse
646 Monroe Ave
MI 48226 
United States

Detroit is a city with a vibrant and diverse religious life. The different faiths in this great city make for an exciting spiritual tapestry, and an enormous number of religions and denominations are represented in the city. We are proud to be a part of this community and strive to make the religious life of Detroit more exciting, both for members of our congregation and the broader Detroit community in general.

Old St Mary’s Catholic Church is arguably one of the most historic Catholic churches in Detroit, MI, and we firmly believe it is one of the most special, too. Our church is a beautiful example of stunning Roman Catholic architecture. The interior of the church features incredible stained-glass windows, vaulted ceilings, and our altar is something to be beheld.

Visitors to our beautiful church are often struck by its history and grace, as well as the peaceful atmosphere inside. We love receiving visitors at our church, and all are welcome to come and have a look. If you wish to visit our church, someone from our community can give you a tour and explain the history of the church.

Music at Old St. Mary’s Church

Something that is of vital importance to life at Old St. Mary’s is music. We host an enormous number of performances at Old St. Mary’s throughout the year, both secular and ecclesiastical. Our church is also fortunate to have a few very talented choral groups, which frequently perform at Old St. Mary’s. The Men’s Schola is a men’s group that performs Gregorian Chant at our Latin Mass services. We also have a larger choir that performs at festivals and larger services.

However, we also host performances from musicians of all different styles and genres. We love hosting secular music at Old St. Mary’s Church, as we feel our beautiful church is a fantastic venue for performances in general. Our church has wonderful acoustics and a peaceful atmosphere, and the design of the structure means the reverb in the hall is natural and impressive.

We want our church to be a part of the cultural life of Detroit as well as a house of worship, which we feel sets us apart somewhat from other churches in Detroit, MI. By hosting these events, we hope that we can enrich the lives of Detroit residents from all walks of life, and we are very proud that our beautiful church can enable us to do so.

For more information, visit our website at, or call us at (313) 961-8711.

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