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Old St. Mary’s Church – A Cultural Hub in the Heart of Detroit

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Have you ever attended a concert in a church before? While it may sound unusual to many, churches can be fantastic venues for musical performances for a number of reasons. In addition to the beautiful architecture, churches are often designed in such a way that they have incredible acoustic properties, which make them great venues for musical performances. 

This is why we love hosting concerts and other musical events at Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church. We are located in Greektown in the heart of Detroit, and we try to organize a diverse range of musical performances throughout the year. Our belief is that these events are of great benefit to our local community, enriching the life and culture of the city, and provide people with an opportunity to enjoy some fantastic musical talent in beautiful and atmospheric surroundings.

Both Secular and Religious Music 

There are a number of Detroit churches with a unique identity or role in the cultural and spiritual life of the city. We believe our church is an excellent asset to Detroit because of the range of musical events we host. Many of us associate churches with religious music, and we are proud of the fantastic choral and liturgical performances we arrange throughout the year on our premises. 

However, we strive to use our church as a platform for fantastic performances within a range of different genres and musical styles. We recognize that church performances can be a unique and powerful experience, regardless of the form of music that the artist performs. This is why we arrange performances from musicians and acts from so many different genres. We wish for our beautiful church to be a cultural hub in addition to a place of great spiritual value. 

With that being said, we feel that ecclesiastical music has special significance in the life of our church, and our fantastic choir regularly performs a broad repertoire of church music. In addition, we have smaller vocal groups that perform more select material; for example, our Men’s Schola performs Gregorian Chant at various services throughout the year. 

We welcome everyone in our church and would like to encourage the public to stop by for one of our fantastic performances. You can find more information about our music program throughout the year. For press inquiries, please feel free to call us at (313) 961-8711. 

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