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OfficeShoppie – office stationery supplies in Bangalore.

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OfficeShoppie-office stationery supplies
27th main 13 th cross,1 sector HSR Layout, Bangalo
Karnataka 560102 

Order office supplies anytime, from anywhere. Once you register with us, you can order from our website, by email, WhatsApp or even a call. Officeshoppie is the best online store for buying and delivery of your office supplies leveraging technology, large inventory, super fast delivery, great service and every day new items with offers. We deliver premium quality products.

In an office, as it is not direct ownership thus no one remains responsible, so everything functions as the way it has been or chalta hai. In small offices of one to a hundred employees, the management will prioritize to invest in an efficient accounts manager and then an HR manager before he spends on an Admin Manager. And where such Admin Managers exists (mostly above 100 employees) – they are more worried about the functioning of diesel generators, electrical consumptions, building maintenance, asset management, people movement, canteen functioning than about managing procurement for office supplies.

Small Offices today have to buy their office supplies from various stores, manage multiple vendors, make-do with given supplies causing waste of time and money. At Officeshoppie that is the disruption, we intend to cause – Be a one-stop shop for all the office supplies and needs for offices. If our customers need it, we will get them the best of it.

You are a small office to whom every hour invested by your people impacts your productivity, and that is where your people – every person should focus on. The non-productive tasks of procuring office supplies like stationery, house-keeping material, pantry and required office services required to be dealt with. Here steps in OfficeShoppie.

OfficeShoppie will ensure the delivery of all the needs of your office supplies and services at the summit of convenience to you and continuous savings of money, time and effort.

Now you can order all of your office needs/office supplies at your fingertip at any time and place, all you require is access to our website or app, and we will deliver your order within two working days, if not earlier. – Office stationery supplies in Bangalore.
Register now on and enjoy hassle-free buying of everything you need for your office in Bangalore.
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