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Obtaining NBFC License is easier than ever, Thanks to Enterslice

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The founders of Enterslice are gratified to announce the simplified process of NBFC (Non-banking finance company) licensing, including NBFC compliances as per RBI guidelines.

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Company spokesperson said that NBFCs are the most significant market segment in India. This fintech based business has rapid potential to affect the market, by contributing to the different parts of the sector such as Banks, real estate, etc. The impact of NBFCs on the Indian economy and GDP contribution has positively grown. The spokesperson added, the recent norms prepared by the RBI are expected to make more foreign investments in India.
Earlier, it was never easy to form an NBFC in India by following RBI’s guidelines. But, in a recent interview, the Finance Minister MrsNirmalaSitharaman announced to give more focus to the NBFC sector and promote it through the MSMEs in various segments.
Since the Fintech based business is adopting the market’s money circulating system, the government revised its foreign investment policies. NBFCs are helping banks to arrange & lend money through personal finance & other types of NBFC segments.

The RBI said the firms play an essential role in the Indian financial system, especially in providing credit to the retail and small-company sectors.
Enterslice is now making the right use of technology to simplifying the process. Over the past few years, the company has helped thousands of clients to obtain their NBFC License with RBI, and thousands of clients approached Enterslice for corporate advisory. Enterslice is helping them to establish their businesses, protect their intellectual property, secure funding from venture capitalists and comply with the MCA regulations.
Enterslice can connect you with the NBFC advisory in just one working day. If required, you can be connected directly to the Ex RBI advisory team.
“We can also help you to takeover an NBFC. We have a vast client base for NBFC sale where we will find the best NBFCs and help you to overtake as per the RBI’s guidelines. We will handle the entire documentation process.”
Enterslice is fintech based company that is devoted to organizing the professional service industry in India. Their services cover all the legal needs of the businesses, such as incorporation, tax, audit, NBFCs, accounting, documentation, etc. They also help companies through tax & marketing advisory. Their mission is to provide direct access to individual & companies for all their legal and Charted accountancy services. For more information, please visit

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