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NY Offices Relaunches New York Office Rental Website

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NY Offices announced the relaunch of []( today, adding a host of new features to their website dedicated to assisting businesses in New York to find office space.

“We are very happy to be able to announce the launch of the new version of the site,” a spokesperson for said. “Our site has been a popular online resource for businesses and companies starting up in the city for several years, and we expect the newly improved version to be a hit with our users.” now features several hundred office buildings located across the city and the state, with easy to access information about locations, facilities and services. The website was rebuilt from the ground up, with an emphasis on ensuring user-friendliness and on producing an improved, clearer profile with simplified navigation and intuitive search.

The site’s fresh design was created specifically to work across a range of platforms, so regardless of whether the user calls up the pages by personal computer, smartphone or tablet, the website always appears in the optimal format. The vital business districts of [Manhattan]( are placed front-and-center as the single most used section of the website, but the site also anticipates that not all business-users want premises in the city, and offers access to areas in [New York State]( such as White Plains, Hawthorn and Scarsdale.

“Putting our customers first at every stage of the process was the corner-stone of our approach,” continued the spokesperson. “We tried to conceptualize the pages from the customer’s point of view in order to ensure we’re giving them exactly the information they need, as quickly and clearly as possible, all while requiring them to make as few clicks as possible. This has lead to the fresh, appealing design and dynamic interface that were the key goals of the relaunch.€

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