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North America SCR Power Controller Market

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North America SCR Power Controller Market is expected to reach US$ XX Bn by 2026 from US$ XX Bn in 2018 at a CAGR of XX%

North America SCR Power Controller Market is divided by type, load type, control type, industry, and geography. Based on type, the market is divided into three-phase SCR power controller, and single-phase SCR power controller. On the basis of load type, the market comprises of non-resistive load, and resistive load. Considering the control type, the market includes integral cycle switching, and phase angle. The various industry verticals where the market caters to include oil & gas, chemicals, glass, semiconductor, food & beverages, plastics, textile, and metals.

A silicon controlled rectifier or SCR is a normal solid state switching device that is used for providing fast, and infinitely variable control of electric power. It not only gives maximum control for the heat process, but has the power to extend heater life many times over different type of control methods. As the SCR is in solid state, these can be cycled on and off for a billion times, if it used properly.

Some of the Factors being considered by the US manufacturers for pushing SCR power controller includes: high reliability, infinite resolution, extremely fast response, selectable control parameters, and minimum maintenance. As the SCR power controller is basically a solid-state device, specifically there are no intrinsic wear-out modes. Thus, these are responsible for providing virtually limitless as well as trouble free operation. The power, current or voltage can also be controlled right from zero to 100% using infinite resolution. This capability of the SCR power controller allows extremely accurate, and steeples control of the process. These controllers can also switch load power from on to off and are extremely fast that delivers the means to respond rapidly to various command changes, load changes or even the power supply changes.


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