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New York Birthday Party Ventriloquism Comedy Magician Services Announced

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Mr. Magico, a New York magician specializing in children’s events such as birthday parties, communion events, school celebrations and more, announced a wide range of party magic services including ventriloquism, puppeteering and comedy.

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Magic shows have always enjoyed tremendous popularity with children of all ages, and adults have also enjoyed watching magicians perform different tricks. Birthday parties are especially adequate for such events, as small to medium groups of children form the perfect audience for both attending the show and interacting with the magician, thus creating an overall extremely festive atmosphere.

Increasing demand for special events magicians, as well as the wide availability of magic tricks all over the internet, has led to an increase in the number of performers offering magic shows. However, many of these amateurs fail to provide the quality services needed, and their lack of experience with different audiences may show in inappropriate jokes, age-unsuitable acts and other errors.

Mr. Magico is an experienced New York magician who worked under the guidance of the famous John Monte, a famous magician and the original Mr. Magico. The New York magician announced a variety of magical tricks for birthday parties and other events.

Mr. Magico performs a variety of magical tricks in which the audience is invited to participate. Children who accept the magician’s invitation are treated in a professional, safe manner, and shy children who refused to participate are not pressed into accepting. Special treats are offered to all party attendees, irrespective of whether they took part in the show or not.

The New York magician also offers ventriloquism and puppeteering shows. The puppets used are children-friendly and they can be customized according to the client’s preferences.

Other tricks include bunny rabbit magic and hands and wands acts, in which children take active part in the show by waving the wands at specific times.

Through the Mr. Magico Boot Camp, a group of select magicians throughout the US, Mr. Magico also provides magic shows in other US areas.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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