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New Guide Announced for Best-Selling 105-Piece Gel Pen Set By Teddy Shake

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Since the launch of their best-selling [105-piece gel pen set]( in November, the popularity of the gel pens has been rapidly increasing. Sales for the first quarter of production exceeded all projections, and Teddy Shake has received some great customer feedback. In order to reach more potential customers, Teddy Shake spokesperson Baily Anderson announced today that the company has a new guide in development, which discusses possible uses for the gel pen set.

“When you think about gel pens, at first you might think about just writing in different colors,” explained Teddy Shake spokesperson Bailey Anderson. “There is so much more that you can do with the [Teddy Shake gel pen set]( The gel pens are ideal for use in adult coloring books, and the result is a drawing with much more vibrant colors. With the variety of colors in the set, the gel pens are also great for journaling, school work, color coding reports – the options are endless! Our hope is to prepare a guide that can discuss these options, and show visual examples of the projects.”

With 60% more ink inside every gel pen, the Teddy Shake gel pens last significantly longer than other gel pens. The tip of the gel pen is specially designed to ensure a smooth flow of ink when writing or coloring. The Teddy Shake gel pen set will not skip when writing, and will not bleed through paper with pools of gel ink. The ink used in the Teddy Shake gel pens is a unique formula non-toxic gel ink that is acid-free and lead-free. This ensures that the Teddy Shake gel pens are safe for use by children, and also means they can be used for signing of archival documents or for scrapbooking. Customers also report using the Teddy Shake gel pen set for adult coloring books, journals, school projects, work reports and just plain doodling.

Currently priced at $24.99, a 40% discount off the full retail price, the Teddy Shake gel pen set is available for purchase exclusively on Amazon.

About Teddy Shake: “Desiring to make the world a more colorful and creative place, we at Teddy Shake work every day to ensure you have the best gel pens sets on Earth. With hundreds of colors and various tones, we put our gel pens through massive Research and Development tests to make sure your creative flow never stops and your creations are always perfect.”

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