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Network Security Monitoring- A complete track of all security issues.

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Texas (USA), Canada (Toronto) & London (Business Network)- 6th April 2017 : Network Security Monitoring keeps track of all security issues and alerts your administrator before they become a real big problem. It monitors computer network’s usage along with performance and checks if any system is slow or has stopped working. To decrease the chance of privacy spoofing and information theft, network security monitoring is used.

Major types of network security attacks include :
1. Phishing- phishing indicates acquiring information such as username, passwords, credit card & debit card details, etc.
2. Password attack- In password attack, hackers crack password of domain user or administrator. All major and sensitive data can be leaked once the administrator password is hacked. That is why companies frequently change administrator password.
3. IP Address spoofing- It is creating internet protocol packets with false IP Address.

Key benefits of Network Security Monitoring services:

1. Lowering expenses: Experian Data Breach Resolution report says 4000 data breaches cases in 2016 occurred. Cyber attacks are increasing since technology is spreading wings! Loss of complete data from servers and clouds can be very harmful for the company and expensive to recover! These expenses can be saved with the help of Network Security Monitoring.

2. Minimized risk: Network Security Monitoring secures personal data of clients existing on your enterprise network. Network Security Monitoring delivers prevention from Internal and external cyber attacks.

3. Optimization: Rapid growth of small businesses cannot be achieved if parts of their IT infrastructure are over-burdened or slowed. Network Security Monitoring services will show small medium sized business owners areas of improvement and any issue that currently needs to be addressed.

Suma Soft delivers Unified solution with 360-degree coverage along with Large scale cost saving on infrastructure and manpower

Suma Soft’s superior Network Security Monitoring Solutions include:
1. Advanced protection against security threats
2. Real-time data feeds for proactive threat mitigation ​
3. Enhanced network application performance

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