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Mystery Shopping (Shadow/Secret Shopping)

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Mystery shopping is the process of evaluating a product or service from customers’ point of view. It is performed by full-time or part-time mystery shoppers whose identities are kept anonymous to avoid any biased treatment by employees.

Mystery shoppers are hired to analyze and evaluate the competitors, review internal process and procedures, evaluate staff performance, evaluate point of sale material and the retail store, review customer brand perception.

Mystery shopping market can be segmented on the basis of Franchise Industry such as: retail, restaurants, automobiles, healthcare and medicine, hotels, etc. These shoppers might be armed with critical questions to ask for products or services, perform in a certain way, observe the behavior or employees and other customers and provide their feedback to the company. Sometimes they may also carry hidden cameras to record the entire situation.

The agencies leading the Mystery Shopping Industry are: FloorWalk, WeMark, Channelplay, SGS Group, Shaw hotels & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., MRSS India, HS Brand International, Trans MR Consulting, Macronix India and Grass Roots.

The demand for mystery shoppers and mystery shopping agencies have increased significantly in the last few years and is expected to rise more due to increased market size of products and services, rising consumer demand, high competition, more emphasis on customer satisfaction, analysis employee’s behavior, to improve sales, etc.

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