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Mody University Announces Fashion Designing Courses for Women in India for the Year 2018-2019

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Mody University
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Mody University offers topnotch courses in the field of fashion designing for women at its University Campus located in Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan. Three of these exclusive courses include Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) [BFD], Bachelor of Design (Fashion and Merchandising) [BFM], Bachelor of Design (Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory Design) [BFLAD]. All three courses are fully residential courses with an aim to create next-generation fashion designers oozing with creativity and other designing skills. Mody University intends to accomplish this mission through state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class curriculum, and highly-qualified and vastly-experienced faculty members.

The BFD programme inculcates thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the widespread process pertaining to fashion design and helps women students to gain advanced skills to offer highly impactful design solutions to the ever-evolving apparel industry. The dependable guidance of experts and dynamic design pedagogy help students to increase their industry awareness when it comes to fashion and clothing and successfully identify the domain and its function where such students can successfully contribute the most. What’s more, the course successfully equips the student community with the methodical comprehension of material, form, and technology to offer sustainable solutions in design and endorse the concept of originality. In this way, Mody University is the best choice for fashion designing courses for women in India.

BFM is a specialised programme that eventually prepares students for a career in merchandising. The course was developed to nurture students with comprehensive knowledge of the global fashion market, strategic planning, production process, sourcing of materials, supply chain management, line development, range planning and distribution, visual communication, as well as analysis of sales and management of profits.

BFLAD is a programme that lays the foundation for effective research, development, design, and realisation of lifestyle and fashion-accessory products in order to cater to the global requirements pertaining to this exclusive industry. The course will surely help aspiring designers in developing in-depth understanding of the process of product development, right from the process of ideation to the complete 3D prototype, taking into account consumer predilections and industry briefs.

Mody University also offers full-time, residential post-graduate courses in fashion designing: (1) Master of Design (Fashion Design) [MFD] and (2) Master of Design (Fashion Merchandising) [MFM].

With a Master’s degree in a specialised field, designers become extremely sought-after professionals in the fashion world. These individuals can eventually work for private brands or alongside agencies and design studios. They can also work as a Product Manager or become successful entrepreneurs and academicians, making fashion designing courses for women in India very popular.

About Mody University:
Mody University was founded exclusively for girl students and to teach these students about Indian culture and about restoration of traditions. Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge, is a perfect example of their belief. Their campus infrastructure is second to none in India, sprawling across 265 acres and comprising 73 buildings. With 16 computer laboratories and 55 other labs in place, it is easy to see why Mody University is a next-generation university.

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