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MileCatcher, Inc. Offer a Mileage Tracking App

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MileCatcher, Inc. is a Seattle-based firm offering the MileCatcher. The MileCatcher is an automatic mileage tracking app that operates in the background and automatically produces a trip report within minutes of reaching a destination. The report holds trip particulars including the start and end destinations, the time consumed, and the route used which a user can then categorize as personal or business. The foremost urgency of the MileCatcher, Inc. is to offer its people with a dependable tracker for all their trips at the lowest costs and surge their mileage record-keeping capabilities.

Speaking of MileCatcher, Lars Boesen the Founder said, “You can download the MileCatcher app from the Google App Store or IOS store and get to experience easy and boundless mileage tracking. MileCatcher allows both individuals and businesses to set work hours and repeatedly organize trips outside the hours as personal decreasing odds of misplaced classifications. The app also has a setting, which allows it to display traffic that monitors speed and time taken in traffic with a zoom-in option to let you discover alternative routes. It also promotes safety and fuel economy with its driving warnings that make your smartphone vibrate when braking too hard or accelerating rapidly.”

MileCatcher has a smart and easy classification feature. It makes it simple for users of the app to sort trips without opening the app. The app also has a category filter. This feature lets users organize their trips into four main tabs namely Business, Auto-Classified, Personal, and Not Classified. Doing this assists them focusing on what matters most to them. Lastly, the app has a web admin delegation that makes it easy for the user to get assistance on filing expenses while they are riding.

Lars Boesen, the Founder said, “Our app is highly customizable. It can be personalized to a company to suit an internal corporate rate if expenditures are made via the employer. The app also has a multi-vehicle support and can be used conveniently to monitor all staff trips without having an app for every car. To simplify record keeping and generation, MileCatcher has statistics and category filters that it exploits to engender rich reports offered in pdf, CSV, and xls formats.”

As one of the best mile tracking app, MileCatcher does not feature any extra hidden charges once downloaded. It also doesn’t feature lock-in options and forced upgrades. MileCatcher, Inc. views the MileCatcher app as its contribution to society and is glad to offer it free to their clients. A premium upgrade is however accessible for users that may want to fasten their logging process, nonetheless, it stays a viable option that is on offer, and not a persistent expectation.

About MileCatcher, Inc.
MileCatcher, Inc. is a Seattle-based company offering MileCatcher, a mileage form app that contains numerous remarkable features and makes trip logging simple and convenient for people, business teams, and corporate organizations. Those interested can download the MileCatcher app from the Google App Store or IOS store and get to experience easy and boundless mileage tracking.

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