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Micro Mobility Market is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 11.95% from 2019-2029

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Today’s consumer is well connected and well-informed, and as a result, this is leading the major operating players to research, develop, and technologically evolve continuously to safeguard their position in the ecosystem. Transportation system regulations are primarily designed around demographic needs based on the government policy framework. Some of the essential criteria which are taken into consideration while creating a policy regulation for a specific region are- the socio-economic conditions, commuter lifestyle, degree of technology acceptance, demographic terms, infrastructure availability, and global economic conditions.

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Public transportation is the basic and most common form of mobility in any economy, which can further facilitate transportation of people and goods on a daily basis at subsidized costs and in a secured manner. Currently, a major gap in the adoption of public transportation is in the form of last mile connectivity, that is, from home to station or bus stop, and vice versa.

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Micro mobility has the potential to provide first- and last-mile connectivity for commuters. Mobility as a service (MaaS) providers have established a strong foundation for the development shared mobility ecosystem, which has the potential to ensure high resource utilization rate unlike the conventional method of personal vehicle ownership model. The foundation also leads to an essential fact that there are gaps in MaaS and end-to-end connectivity; and here, micro mobility performs as a bridge between shared services and their end-to-end connectivity. Micro mobility service is the efficient use of light, compact, and swift modes of commute majorly powered by human or electric. The micro mobility as a service came into existence in China, driven by Mobike – a bicycle-based ride shares service providers.

Key Questions Answered in the Report:

• What is the global micro mobility market size in terms of revenue from 2019 to 2029?
• What are the major consumer demands and expectations effectively fulfilled by micro mobility?
• What are the drivers, restraints, and opportunities for the market for the period of 2019 to 2029?
• What are the impacts of the micro mobility service to the global environmental issues?
• What are the key developments and strategies of the companies in the market?
• Which region is expected to have the highest market potential in the period 2019-2029, and how is the market expected to grow in the same period in other regions?
• Which are the key companies in the industry, and how are they expected to perform in the ecosystem?
• What is the market forecast by application, requirement, and location for the period 2019 to 2029?
• What is the estimated market value by region during the period 2019-2029?

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