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Metal Passivation using Rodine 85 for Sulfuric Acid Pickling – ChemEqual

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Derusting and descaling operations on industrial metal components require the use of strong mineral acids like sulfuric acid to maintain surface quality. It employs the use of acid baths for oxidative removal of alkali scales and mineral oxide deposits. But mineral acids have a tendency to corrode metal surfaces as well rendering them distorted by formation of pits and loss of base metal.

To retard the corrosive nature of acids, the pickling liquor used in acid vats is primarily composed of a pickling acid such as sulfuric acid mixed with an acid corrosion inhibitor. These inhibitors do not reduce the efficiency of the liquor but tend to passivates the base metal surface preventing pitting and corrosion. These passivating chemicals greatly reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life while optimizing acid utilization and quick operations.

Rodine 85 is a low foaming soluble liquid corrosion inhibitor specifically designed for acid baths that use sulfuric acid as the pickling reagent. It is a synergistic organic blend of 1,3-Diethyl Thiourea, Formaldehyde, substituted Triazine & O-Toluidine, Propargyl Alcohol and detergent that is effective on a wide range of metal surfaces and can be ideally dozed over a wide range of acid concentrations. . Rodine 85 serves as an effective inhibitor for phosphoric and acetic acids, as well as sulfamic, citric, oxalic, and sodium bisulfate solutions in pickling and industrial cleaning operations.

It is recommended that dosage of Rodine 85 to be used for pickling should always be in percent by volume of the concentrated acid, regardless of the degree of acid dilution used. Ideal concentration ranges from 0.05 to 0.30 percent by volume of the diluted acid. In addition, it is also recommended that Rodine 85 inhibitor be used at a concentration not less that 0.5% by volume of the concentrated liquid acid or not less that 0.5% by weight of the concentrated solid acid, regardless of the temperature of the industrial cleaning operation.

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