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Mesriani Law Group Offers a No Win, No Fee Guarantee

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Plaintiffs in California who’ve suffered personal injury and employment law violations would be glad to know that Mesriani Law Group offers a No Win, No Fee Guarantee. This means that Mesriani’s lawyers will only get paid if the case is won and the maximum compensation is obtained. This service makes it easier for clients to avail of Mesriani’s services as they won’t have to worry about shouldering the exorbitant litigation costs.

The Benefits of a No Win, No Fee Representation

No Win, No Fee representation means that the fees for the services provided by Mesriani Law Group will come from the financial settlements and rewards that come after a successful case. In other words, the fees for Mesriani’s court representation services will come from the compensation the clients receive from winning the case or settlement. The amount will depend on the fee that was agreed upon before Mesriani Law Group even accepts the case.

Other than court representation, the No Win, No Fee policy can also be applied to settlements made out of court. While settling out of court could potentially decrease the amount of settlement the plaintiff obtains, it also decreases the plaintiff’s chances of losing the case in court. A percentage of the settlement amount will then be used to pay for the services of Mesriani Law Group’s lawyers.

Mesriani Law Group’s No Win, No Fee policy can be applied to almost all employment law violations and personal injury cases in California. These include unfair dismissals, sexual harassment, medical malpractice, and car accidents. Legal professionals who offer this kind of policy will provide comprehensive professional assistance, as their compensation will depend entirely on the outcome of their clients’ cases.

A Client-Centric & Well-Respected Law Firm

The No Win, No Fee Guarantee was implemented to take into account people who cannot afford to pay for expensive legal fees upon filing a claim. The lawyers at Mesriani Law Group prioritize the welfare of their clients and ensure that they get the just and maximum compensation they deserve from their claims. This is why such lawyers also take into account other factors such as loss of income, emotional distress, and pain and suffering to bolster their client’s claims.

The No Win, No Fee Guarantee is a testament to the skill and dedication of the lawyers at Mesriani Law Group. They strive hard to bring justice to the plaintiffs who bring their cases to them and support those who are afraid of filing cases due to financial constraints. This policy also means that the client can enjoy legal services free of charge in the event that the lawyers are unsuccessful in bringing justice to the claims or if the case is lost.

Mesriani Law Group also offers free legal consultation to their clients about employment law violations, personal injury claims, and related cases. If you are afraid of filing a case because of possible expensive legal fees, seeking the services of Mesriani Law Group’s seasoned litigators is your best bet in building a strong case without having to worry about exorbitant attorney fees and other upfront costs.

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