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Louisville Living Benefits Broker Financial Needs Analysis Expansion Announced

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Andrea Y. Gaines
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Andrea Y. Gaines, a Louisville, Kentucky Living/Survivors Benefits Broker specializing in Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) and alternative living benefits plans, announced an expansion of her services into the states of Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. Virtual Financial can provide a FNA and consultations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.

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Financial security is crucial for ones quality of life, especially as the level of unpredictability on todays job market can be significant. Furthermore, injuries and diseases resulting in temporary or permanent incapacity often have a drastic negative effect on the ability to work and remain financially stable, with such situations commonly resulting in unemployment and considerable financial loss. Millions of Americans survive a heart attack, stroke or cancer and are then unable to earn an income afterwards. In the USA every 30 seconds a new case of cancer is diagnosed, every 36 seconds someone suffers a heart attack and every 40 seconds someone suffers a stroke. The cost of a severe heart attack including direct and indirect costs is around one million dollars. 60% of all bankruptcies are due to medical issues. Of those that filed for bankruptcy, nearly 80% had health insurance. One in four people with cancer delayed or turned down recommended care because of cost. The reality of many American families is they are under protected and living with too much debt. They fail to save or if they do save they have a poor understanding of of the savings they need to make, poor strategy or they simply do not have enough income to save and are unsure what action to take to deal with that problem.

Andrea Y. Gaines has recently become a vice president with Virtual Financial, a financial consulting and living benefits brokerage agency and she is based in Louisville, Kentucky.

With the living benefits service the broker provides a personalized Financial Needs Analysis that takes a snapshot of a familys current financial situation. Recommendations are then made based on their goals and objectives allowing the broker to select the products that best fit that familys individual needs. Virtual Financial Groups Associates have access to some of the most respected companies in the industry today. This gives them access to a portfolio of leading-edge products designed to help families achieve financial independence. Through a unique career management plan, Virtual Financial also provides a reliable income source for those unable to make ends meet with their jobs by offering training & expertise towards establishing a real legitimate home-based business.

Ms. Gaines offers complete consultations & free financial needs analysis for clients in Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. Virtual Financial can provide a FNA and consultations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. Interested parties can find more information on Living/Survivors benefits or statistical footnotes by visiting main purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit. “Tax and/or legal advice not offered by Virtual Financial or its affiliated companies. Please consult with a personal tax professional or legal advisor for further guidance on tax or legal matters. Find more info on this by visiting here: For more about creating a legitimate income from home visit [](

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