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LocalRamu announces Expert Solutions to all Washing Machine Problems in Bangalore

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Washing Machine is an essential home that people use almost every day. With time, it gets dents, normal wear and tear and worn-out parts. Hence, it is necessary to take proper care and maintain it in good shape.

Like any other electro-mechanical appliances, Washing Machine also needs regular servicing and timely repair. Ignoring this fact will worsen the condition and reduce the working efficiency of the machine. So, without neglecting your ageing appliance, now book a Washing Machine Repair Service on LocalRamu to enhance the longevity and efficiency of it.

What services are included in LocalRamu’s Washing Machine Repair?

LocalRamu employs the best and expert technicians for repairing and servicing washing machines of all brands and models. Whether the problem is minor or critical, it is equally crucial for the servicing team. LocalRamu’s professionals deal with all the problems listed below:

➢ Machine is not turning on
➢ Water is leaking from the machine
➢ Machine is unusually noisy
➢ Spinner is spinning
➢ Clothes are not getting properly washed
➢ Clothes are not drying properly
➢ Water is not draining properly or not draining at all
➢ Machine is damaging clothes
➢ Water is not filling in the machine
➢ Replacing of broken and defective parts

Why should you choose LocalRamu’s Washing Machine Service?
 Qualified and Expert Technicians: LocalRamu’s washing machine technicians in Bangalore are qualified, trained and licensed to carry out repair services for washing machines of all make and models. LocalRamu promises to deliver only quality service.
 Value For Money: LocalRamu never overcharges for any service. Customers can book after confirming the repair charges, which are lower than the market price. There will be no discrepancy on the price mentioned and price charged at the end of the repair.
 Quick and Hassle-free: Booking a service with LocalRamu is quick and easy. It takes less than seconds to book a service as per your convenience. Customers can also request for express service delivered within a couple of hours.
 Warranty against Repair Service: localRamu takes full responsibility for the service it delivers. That is why it offers a complete warranty period of 90 days against the repair service.

About LocalRamu
LocalRamu is a pioneer home-service providing company primarily based in Bangalore. It offers quality and affordable doorstep solutions to all household problems ranging from cleaning, repairing, fixing, pooja and pundits, packers and movers, civil construction, fabrication and plumbing. The services are accessible from web, mobile and mobile apps.

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