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Listen from the Doers, International Chamber of Business & Industry V-Talk Session held at ITC Sonar

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International Chamber of Business and Industry is one of the fast-developing business chambers in Kolkata focussing on the best practices of connection, trust, and growth together. Every month the forum organizes several sessions based on their flagship events. On August 31, ICBI arranged V-Talk Session called “Listen from the Doers” at ITC Sonar, Kolkata and it was graced by 5 speakers. All from varying genres of life collectively came to address the leading business administrators of the city of joy.

On this, Mahesh Kedia, the founders of ICBI shared his thoughts with us,‘Our motto is to develop the standard of the forum and take it to a very high level, we always want businessmen and women to join us so that there is a cohesion amongst us and we can grow in a better environment’. After these words, it was quite obvious that the business forum seems to march closer to their commitment.

As far as the V-Talk session is concerned, ICBI has Krittika Bagaria (Lawyer), IPS S. Raveendran, Skand Tyagi, Siddharth Churiwal, Krishan Mohta, and Nirmal Agarwal. All of them come from eminent backgrounds and have made it big in their life. The x-factor is them today makes them a “DOER”. ICBI takes immense pride in making a platform where people can inspire and also aspire under the same roof.

The invited orators addressed diverse topics and the audience was spellbound. Looking at the attendance it doesn’t appear like a weekend evening. ICBIans made their time out of the occupied schedule and that’s what makes them distinct from others. These business & Networking events make a great difference in the way people study and revamp business tactics. Many businessmen and women have profited from these profoundly enriching assemblies.

‘ICBI’s flagship concourses and events are popular and with these, the conference is growing every year. With a rising number of members, the progress is visible’, says ICBIan Siddharth Kajaria. Today, everyone is concerned about their company and the market. The country’s scenario is considerably prevalent amongst all, in between the anarchy ICBI is going strong and encouraging businessmen and taxpayers to make the society a better place to live.

ICBI is one of the fastest-growing business networking organization in Kolkata. Focusing heavily on different aspects of business opportunities and challenges, the event has made the members come in terms with ways to overcome adversity, know more about body language, artificial intelligence, and dream to become a prodigious entrepreneur.

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