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LFEI Wins Championship in the National Auto Tech Fest

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Little Flower Engineering Institute
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The 4th National Auto Tech fest “Automation– 2020” was held at Xavier Technical Institute, Sevasi, Vadodara Gujarat on 13-14, February – 2020 in collaboration with Skills for Progress (SKIP) and by TATA motors Ltd.

Tata Motors conducted a grading of all the LEAP institutes in a three-tier system based on Rural, Suburban and Urban categories. Little Flower was graded the best in the urban category pan India. This is another feather in the cap of the Management, PTA and the students of LFEI.

Mr. Haibi Eaden, the young and enthusiastic Member of Parliament, visited the institute to share in the joy and distributed the trophies to the winning team members. During his speech, he praised LFEI for their vision and their strenuous struggle to bridge the gap between the campus and industry. LFEI pursues the culture of updating the students with the latest technological information. He congratulated all the winners and praised their Smart Wheelchair initiative immensely with a start-up possibility.

After three weeks of pre-preparation for the fest by our students and instructors, LFEI bagged 7 first prizes and one second prize out of 8 events conducted during the Test Fest. The various events were: Pit- Stop (PS), Auto Bots (AB), Automobile Quiz (AQ), Auto Doctor (AD,. Job Reading (JR), Beat the Memory (BM), The Battle of Trainers (BT), Project explorer (PE)

Project Explorer (PE): This is a unique platform where the Leap institutes exhibit their unique projects of creativity and innovation.
As a gesture of goodwill, LFEI presented a smart wheelchair to assist the physically challenged. It consists of a novel technical solution to assist patients who use normal wheelchairs but cannot afford a high cost electric models available in the market. It is an IoT enabled smart kit. It is easy- to- fit model that can act as a foldable wheelchair and drive via electric battery of 12V output. The kit has two extra wheels coupled with two motors and the patient is able to manoeuvre it like any other electric wheelchair or better than that. Automobile department students, under the guidance of the faculty, have designed the hardware and the software that help the wheelchair work through mobile-inputs.

Pit-Stop (PS): A team of 2 members would remove and refit all the 4 wheels of a car. Winners were selected based on the Safety precautions, Use of Tools, Methodology and the time taken.

Auto Bots (AB): The participants were provided with a diesel engine. They had to dismantle and assemble the engine. Winners were selected based on the safety precautions, use of tools, work quality, responses to the questions asked by the judges and the time taken.

Automobile Quiz (AQ): It is an automobile quiz for the participants. There was an entrance test with objective type questions and the top five teams competed on stage. All the questions in the quiz were directly or indirectly related to automobiles, automotive companies, and different automobile subjects.

Job Reading (JR): The participants were provided with Vernier calliper and micrometer. They had to measure the given tasks by Vernier calliper and micrometer.

Auto Doctor (AD): A vehicle with complaints was provided. The trainees had to troubleshoot the complaint and start the vehicle within the stipulated time. Also, the participants were provided with battery and testing instruments. They had to check the specific gravity, the temperature of the battery solution and the battery voltage (no load & amp; with load) and give report. Winners were selected based on the Safety, Use of battery testing instruments, battery testing report. There were no marks for time taken.

Beat the Memory (BM): (Two participants per institute) Some Automobile-Cut-section models, Automobile Working models, Physics Working models, Measuring Instruments etc. were placed on a table. The participants had to first Observe them for 1.5minutes (90 seconds). Immediately after this the participants were given 3 minutes (180 seconds) to write from their memory the names of the automobile parts observed. The team which writes the maximum number of parts was the winner.

Our students from the Tata LEAP Program were M/s. Anfal P, Ebin Roy, Jinil Johnson, Umair Nazeer Yoonus.
The battle of Trainers (BT) Here’s the battle of trainers. The trainers from the LEAP training centres competed with each other to show their skill in teaching. The participants were M/s. Ninto Antony and Arun George. The participating Instructors from LFEI were M/s. Ninto Antony, and Arun George.

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