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Leading Healthcare Solutions Provider OSP Unveils Advanced AI-driven Platforms

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“AI is shaping the present of around us, especially healthcare. At OSP, we are looking forward to leveraging the human and machine intelligence to create disruptive technologies and accelerators to solve the pressing challenges in healthcare and other industries”, said Brij, Project Manager at OSP.

As a part of OSP’s commitment to innovation, they have launched a new AI initiative called ‘AI Labs.’ The next-gen AI solutions are aimed at harnessing the power of AI to amplify human capabilities.

AI in Finance
Artificial intelligence can help to efficiently understand the data patterns and gain insights than humans in finance industry. OSP has gathered extensive experience in building AI-driven solutions to help risk assessment and fraud detection.

AI in Banking
Customer service automation, banking process optimization, and security have a wider buzz, and OSP is leveraging AI and machine learning to solve the banking industry challenges.

AI in Accounts
The traditional bookkeeping, initiating payments and matching purchase orders can be automated with artificial intelligence technology. OSP is working on creating new space for innovation in accounting with AI.

AI in Stock Charting
OSP’s unique work on AI in stock charting is gaining popularity with Real-Time Market Scanner, predictive stock ranking, options analysis, and AI-based backtesting.

AI in Trading Risk Management
To assess the current stock trading risks AI-based trading risk management can play a vital role. OSP has a tailored solution with accurate stock risk scoring and precise sentiment analysis.

AI in Pathology
The pain-points of pathology are vast, and AI can be the right solution to bring the digitization of pathology rapidly and efficiently.

AI in Medical Billing and Coding
AI can be the perfect partner for healthcare industry to boost your medical billing and coding business multifold. Knowing this, OSP is pushing the bar on innovation by leveraging AI and machine learning to make the medical billing process faster and smoother.

AI in Image Analytics
OSP is helping to reimagine the human vision with the real-time image analytics AI software with remarkable accuracy can enhance your business efforts is industries like healthcare, retail, security, logistics and more.

AI in Auditing Solutions
With advanced AI-based accounting solutions, the internal auditing doesn’t seem very tedious. Well-structured and customized audit planning and reporting can be made easy with OSP’s AI in auditing solutions.

AI in Motion Analytics
Identifying, learning and analyzing object movements are made possible with OSP’ powerful AI-powered motion analytics solutions.

AI in Speech Analytics
OSP can assist you to power your business with AI in speech analytics to optimize outcomes by uncovering valuable and hidden customer insights.

Modern technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning have vast applications. The benefit by enabling members to bend the cost curve, save billions of dollars, improve the health of their communities, and implement the advanced health delivery models that are shaping the future of healthcare.

About OSP:
OSP is one of the leading healthcare information technology company in the US that is planning to build ahead of the future with top-notch software solutions with AI and machine learning. They are pushing the bar on innovation by extending their expertise to the complete range of AI solutions for a broad spectrum of industries, especially healthcare.

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