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Launching an advanced Demand Side Platform (DSP) plugin for Revive Adserver.

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With the futuristic design, the plugin can get hold of ad spaces with extreme efficiency when a request is received from the other side of the operation. The plugin opens up a captivating creative segment and with it comes enhanced possibilities for delivering creatives to the right set of audience. It enables various creative options for maximizing the reach of every ad campaign. The best plugin available in the industry with sublime connection to Open RTB supported ad exchanges or Supply Side Platforms.

The plugin can create a new world of possibilities for better creatives. The plugin is easy to install and integrate with the latest Revive Adserver, it enables the strategic placement of creatives. Advanced DSP plugin provides exceptional assistance in delivering any particular campaign to an individual DSP or to all the DSPs in the network. It is designed effectively to handle the purchase of mobile and display ads from overall distributors. The plugin acts as an excellent interface for publishers with ad exchange platform to sell their ad inventory. There are a ton of enhanced features in the Advanced DSP plugin that elevate the standard of delivering creative in the Adtech industry.

Amplified targeting functionality supported by the plugin enables the users to reach the right group of audience with the right creative, which will drastically increase the conversion rate to a new level. The plugin is an ideal fit for the rapidly evolving Adtech environment, quantum leap targeting features makes things simpler and better for all the involved parties. Advanced targeting features such as geo-targeting, precise site targeting, a particular type of user profile targeting and client-side targeting are guaranteed to improve audience engagement to the next level.

The increasing technological advancements have given way to new ad formats that can cause a great impact on the increasing mobile devices. Banner ads, video ads, linear ads, and non-linear ads are some of the formats that are supported by the plugin covering all the popular formats that are in the market.

IAB guidelines are adhered by advanced DSP plugin, a plugin to standardized ad delivery and address the ad execution scenario. Unique creative formats and enhanced targeting features that are supported by the plugin and are equipped to handle the ever-changing industry.

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