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Labthink ‘Infrared WVTR Test System’ Win 2019 ‘Packaging Industry Science andTechnology Award’

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In September 2019, China Packaging Federation and China Packaging Co., Ltd. jointly issued the “Decision on Awarding Packaging Industry Science and Technology Award in 2019”, and announced 21 awarding projects of science and technology award of packaging industry in 2019. Jinan Labthink Instruments, together with Naval Characteristic Medical Center and Guangdong Chaozhou Quality Measurement Supervision and Testing Institute, jointly completed the “Infrared Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System for Testing Various Types of Packaging Materials Project”(hereinafter referred to as “the project”) and won the third prize.

The current Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test Systems have limitations such as few test items and narrow test ranges. In response to these limitations, the project successfully developed a multi-dimensional packaging Water Vapor Transmission Rate test system based on infrared method, which takes into account the variety of film, sheet, and container in different shape and size. The system is equipped with high-precision infrared sensor, adopts three-dimensional, open and compact innovative structure and precise temperature and humidity control technology, overcomes the shortcomings of existing test systems, such as narrow scope of application, fixed size of test samples, the affect of consumable sensor on the service life and test range of the test system. The infrared Water Vapor Transmission Rate test system achieved the innovations in test efficiency, scope of application, test range.

During the project, Jinan Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd., Naval Characteristic Medical Center and Guangdong Quality Measurement Supervision and Testing Institute undertook respectively the work of developing, verification and applications promotion of the test system, and achieved great results. The project breaks the core technology monopoly of foreign enterprises in “application and expansion of Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System”, reduces the cost of test systems for domestic packaging material enterprises, and provides an important technology support for improving packaging quality control level of the whole industry.

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