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KING’S CREW Long beach’s first Contemporary Cannabis Dispensary, Opens May 25th

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King’s Crew a first of its kind dispensary will be opening in Long Beach California on Saturday the 25th of May. King’s the elevated boutique style legal cannabis dispensary aims to be different to the rest, by presenting its clientele with a friendly contemporary vibe, with their cannabis equivalent of Apple stores Genius bars, where people can go to learn more about cannabis products and the potential uses they have. The dispensary itself is going to be operated by some of the most well-known leaders in the legal cannabis sector.

Laurie Holcomb, the founder of Gold Flora, a California based fully licensed cannabis cultivator and retailer has said that the King’s is set to be the flagship dispensary for their products. Gold flora themselves have years of experience in the cannabis industry and are set to make use of King’s to educate and enlighten consumers, and use the space as a retail platform as they further expand their operations.

Greg Gamet a well-known figure in the Cannabis industry, due mainly to his expertise in the cultivation and consultation of cannabis, and cannabis related products is joining the team. Together these two minds have built King’s into one of the most informative and self-serving cannabis dispensaries on the west coast. Gamet said in an interview “We selected the name ‘King’s Crew’ because we want our customers to know they will be treated like royalty, our goal was to create the nicest cannabis store in Long Beach,” he continued “You have to stop by and check it out, because chances are, you’ve never seen anything like it.”

The company aims to provide their consumers with an unforgettable shopping experience that offers only the finest products on the market. Alongside the retail part of the business, the company is focused on ensuring that their consumers have access to all the information they need to make a decision about which products suit their needs the most. The store is set to stock many of the best names in the industry, featuring products from Gold Flora, Canndescent, Sherbinskis, Mary’s Medicinals, Honeydew Farms and more.

With the negative stigma surrounding cannabis, and the industry as a whole mostly behind us, we are already seeing more and more locations, and companies who are doing their part to make the cannabis industry one of the most active industries of the time, Investors are looking to the cannabis sector as both a short and long-term investment strategy. With big names getting involved in the sector from the UFC to Martha Stewart, we can only expect to see cannabis to take off.

Samuel Freeman – IEC International

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