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Kapoor Plastics Introduces Cheap Corona Virus Masks in India

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June 19′ 2020 – When everyone is fighting with the Covid-19 pandemic, Kapoor Plastics is emerging as the prominent face protection mask manufacturer in India. The company is a prominent distributor and supplier of Lexan polycarbonate, abs plastic, PETG, and acrylic sheets for Northern India.

Today, Kapoor Plastics has world-class facilities to produce recommended quality adhered face shield masks. The company is distributing these face masks through its nationwide network of more than 2000 reliable traders located strategically in the satellite market. Deliveries of face shield masks are made promptly to help the Covid-19 warriors fight back with this pandemic and to emerge as the winner.

The face shield masks are working as a deadly weapon for the Covid-19 virus. Use of these has been made compulsory by the Indian Govt. for all the professionals including police personals, sanitization workers, support staff, health workers, and all the persons working in warned conditions to manage services and support to manage Covid-19 pandemic threat.

The best protective tool against COVID19, a face shield mask is made of Lexan polycarbonate film grade 8010. The 8010 polycarbonate film has excellent clarity, excellent dimensional stability, high-temperature resistance like properties that make it an ideal choice for face shield mask molding. Coronavirus masks are available in two thicknesses – 0.254mm (254 microns) and 0.178mm (178 microns). The standard size of each ask is 9×12 inches.

Regarding adding face shield mask to products folio, spokesperson of Kapoor Plastics says, “Our business policies have always been in the interest of nation and customers. Today, everyone in India needs a quality face shield mask at an affordable price. Therefore, we are supplying the reliable quality face shield mask at the minimum price in the industry to ensure that maximum users can use these at the earliest.”

Less claustrophobic, inexpensive, unaffected speech, low retention of dermal facial heat, comfortable, no breathing resistance, one fits to all, etc are the salient features being hailed by the users at a wide scale.

Kapoor Plastics claims to be the best choice for buying face shield mask because of having the most dependable arrangements for quick order processing because of its own warehouse -logistics facilities, on-time delivery, advanced support model, world-class manufacturing facilities, etc.

Contact Information:
Kapoor Plastics
1/5, Desh Bandhu Gupta Road,
Paharganj, New Delhi – 110055
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