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Kajaria Digital Introducing Vibrant Colors & Bold Typography in Their Brochures

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A brochure could be a bundle of contradictions sometime. You may want it to be simple but at the same time be a treasure trove of all the relevant information of an organization. Kajaria Digital, one of the most reputed brochure design companies in Kolkata, is introducing typography and vibrant colors in their brochure designs to make their pamphlets stand out from the rest.

If done skillfully, a brochure cloaked in bright and peppy colors could be a vision to the sore eyes. Colors can make or even break a brochure in a flash! Talking about the significance of colors in brochures, Mr. Siddharth Kajaria, Proprietor, Kajaria Digital says, “The prime motto of a brochure is to convey an organization’s core brand messages loud and clear to the audiences. But, it’s always not a necessity to put out such information in a didactic manner. Sometimes, these could be conveyed with a dash of sass and levity as well. Bright and peppy colors can serve this purpose perfectly.”

Further adding to this, Mr. Kajaria says, “In today’s cut-throat competitive business scenario, almost every brand is striving to garner consumer attention and leaving a remarkable mark. Vivid colors including those subtle and light hues are getting more popular when it comes to sealing this deal. Keeping this in mind, our creative brochure connoisseurs are incorporating unique color palettes to make our designs and infographics a lot more visually-pleasing and alluring.”

Nothing can surpass the potential of strong and bold fonts when it comes to projecting innovation, strength, and individuality to a brochure. Acknowledging this fact, Mr. I. Saha, the Head Graphic Designer, Kajaria Digital affirms, “The quality, as well as aesthetics of a brochure, is majorly anchored in strong typographies. An infographic template could be an ideal choice for a spectacular brochure design. Bold fonts are creating a buzz all over the globe. They are easy to read as well. Hence, we are making usage of a lot of bold and big fonts in our pamphlets.”

He further added to it, “We cajole our audiences or consumers to check our unique and amazing typographic library for discovering some outstanding template designs for their upcoming contents or projects. We understand that a brochure is not just a piece of paper. It’s supposed to be that marketing tool, which will help an audience to get acquainted with the nitty-gritty of a brand. In this digital era where everyone is more comfortable in rummaging through a website from their mobile phones, I-pads or laptops, it’s a challenge to recuperate the old-school charm of a printed pamphlet. But, we have beaten this challenge successfully by embracing the right brochure design trends.”

Kajaria Digital is one of the most reputed brochure design and online marketing companies in Kolkata, aimed at providing unique and practical online marketing solutions for a business. They have a long history of serving a global clientele to their utmost satisfaction. Their fields of specialization include PPC/AdWords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website development, social media marketing, mobile marketing, etc. Their legacy of a decade of digital marketing services has extended to building some of the most complexes yet business-yielding solutions.

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