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J Devlin Glass Art’s Customized Creations Shatter Expectations

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J Devlin Glass Art
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Lincoln, NEBRASKA: Shoppers around the country aren’t simply changing their preferences to online shopping. They are also increasingly on the lookout for refreshing, artisanal quality in unique gifts, especially those that can be personalized or are already themed to commemorate life’s special moments. As mass-production continues to define the norm in consumer culture, unique, handmade art distinguishes itself on these merits alone. It is the thought that counts, and occasionally the best way to frame that thought is with a one-of-a-kind work of art in glass – especially if the gift in question is a literal frame.

J Devlin Glass Art produces unique glass picture frames, all of which are handmade and feature completely individualistic designs. Their lines of photo frames for sale are completely unique to their operations. Each and every one of their frames and other glass gifts represents an individual style that J Devlin Glass Art’s creative team has designed and crafted.

Customers looking for that perfect frame or picture frame set for their favorite photos will be absolutely dazzled by J Devlin Glass Art’s comprehensive catalog when they look to buy picture frames online. Many of their glass picture frames are themed and can be personalized, with significant portions of their line dedicated to wedding picture frames, anniversary-themed frames and frames designed to celebrate religious milestones and other important life events, like baptism, communion and confirmation.

J Devlin Glass Art does specialize in the artistic production of custom picture frames that are ideal for wedding photos, gallery walls and other decorative settings. Their collection is commendable, but they don’t stop with that. J Devlin Glass Art also produces equally unique glass boxes, jewelry boxes, valet trays, lamps and night lights, and a whole variety of other ornaments. They’re a one-stop shop for customers looking for unique, original gifts in glass that bear the marks of handmade craftsmanship.

There is another common vein that runs through all of J Devlin Glass Art’s creations, from custom frames to jewelry boxes, and it is a commitment to the use of quality materials. There is a sort of quality intrinsic to handmade art that is evident in its own right, but J Devlin Glass Art uses only the highest quality materials and processes available.

For example, all of their glass creations are crafted using the Tiffany method, which was developed well over a century ago and produces high quality stained glass that will never discolor or fade. In addition, many of their keepsake items are decorated with lead-free solder scrollwork.

Customers that are interested in their novel glass creations are asked to reach out to them directly or to visit their website. To learn more about their unique items or processes, visit their website, or contact their customer service team directly. Comments and questions should be forwarded to them at 844-772-2145 or by email at

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