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J Devlin Glass Art Launches a Website for their Stained Glass Designs

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Lincoln, NE — J Devlin Glass Art is proud to present their new online store featuring a wide variety of handcrafted stained glass home decor.

Their newly designed website puts their stained-glass products front and center, highlighting their popular, original designs and skilled techniques all while offering users an unforgettable experience. All of the designs at J Devlin Glass Art are handcrafted and many of them are able to be personalized for added meaning.

To make things easier for their customers, J Devlin Glass Art features options to personalize their products right on their website. Whether you want to add a name, date, phrase, or something else, it’s incredibly simple – just type the information you want and place your order. Each piece will be laser etched with your words or choice, packed delicately with care, and shipped directly to you.

J Devlin Glass Art has been designing and manufacturing quality stained glass home decor since 1999. Their products are made with real stained glass and include jewelry boxes, picture frames, night lights, ornaments, trays, and more. Each piece is made with an age-old form of art that uses a copper foil method of construction developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1800s and has a lead-free solder.

The team at J Devlin pride themselves on their excellent customer service and quick order turn around. Their free shipping on all orders means you can purchase 10 items or 1 item without having to worry about the costs of shipping. Whether you are ordering a gift or something for yourself, you can order directly from their website with their fast and easy checkout. J Devlin also offers wholesale purchasing for those interested. To learn more about their wholesale collection and process, give them a call at 402.465.8100.

The artisans at J Devlin Glass Art place special care and effort into creating their designs. Each piece is special and made with love, and each piece is available to give so that the love we put into our designs can be passed down and spread around to bring tears of joy, beauty, and smiles to everyone who receives a piece of J Devlin Glass Art.

Visit for your very own stained glass home decor or to buy a stained glass gift for someone you love. Whether you want to buy jewelry boxes, stained glass frames, lighting, ornaments, or something else, J Devlin has the perfect gifts to give for the upcoming holiday season. Many of their stained-glass frames and boxes are available in different sizes and can be personalized right on their website. Their hours of operation are from Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm CST, excluding holidays. Connect with them at 844.772.2145.

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