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Investam-HK: Major Stocks closed market higher as Coronavirus fear vs dies down

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Stocks quite bounce back a few points from what they have loss the other day after investors got optimistic on the upcoming stimulus package from the Federal Reserve of the US government, aside from it Fed’s kept interest rates as is.

Tech giants made an impact just before the market close this Wednesday. Facebook just closed its trading price 1.38% higher while Amazon ended the session up by 1.11%. Alphabet advanced a bit with 1.32% while Apple increased 1.92%.

Here are the main movements in the Global Market;


– The S&P 500 have gained good points with 1.24% to 3,258.44.
– The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased about 160.29 points or .69% to 26,539.57.
– Nasdaq Composite rose a few percentage at 1.35% to 10,542.94 getting a few points of what they have loss the other day.
– The MSCI Asia Pacific Index decreased 0.2%.
– The Stoxx Europe 600 Index fell 0.1%.


– The yield on the 30-year Treasury bond advanced 2 basis points to 1.244%.
– The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note was little changed at 0.582%.
– The yield on the two-year bond dipped down a bit to 0.123%.
– The 5-year Treasury yield dipped one basis point hitting new record low to 0.2516%.
– Britain’s 10-year yield jumped one basis point to 0.118%.
– Germany’s 10-year yield raised one basis point to -0.50%.


– Gold climbed few changes with $11.00 or 0.56% to $1,969.12 an ounce. Hitting another record high on the third day of this week.
– West Texas Intermediate crude advanced around 0.56% to $41.27 per barrel.
– Brent crude jumped up with 1.23% to $43.75 a barrel.


– US Dollar Currency Index fell short with 0.02% to $93.43 per share.
– The euro raised a few percentages with 0.5% to $1.178.
– The Japanese yen is up with 0.1% change to 105.02 per dollar.

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