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Introducing PVC Curtains For A Functional Purpose

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Livindia who make it place in the Indian market for its quality based home decor collection now again is in limelight as this time we have introduced the collection of curtains which is going to bring great impact on the space. Livindia is the best PVC curtain supplier as we are offering ac striped curtain which features is totally different from ordinary curtains. Made with PVC durable material, easy to install & maintain, dust repellent, the transparent texture makes the inside & outside visible. We are offering ac striped curtains in different sizes like in 9″ x 84″, 9″ x 108″ and many more.

Now come to our second collection which is PVC ac curtains in which we have added the features which keep the interior cool in summer and warm in winters, dust repellent, economical in range if you compared to glass gate. This we have designed especially for a shop so that the visual appearance of shops looks elegant and beautiful. Our purpose to launch this curtains not for enhancing purpose as we have designed for functional purpose too. In this you may find sizes- 54″ x 84″, 54″ x 96″, 54″ x 108″ and many more.

Now let us disclose the features of medical curtains; in this we have added dense texture for privacy easy to slide as added with smooth and fine texture. High grade polyester has been used which gives a flawless look. Sizes you will get in this collection is like- 48″ x 84″, 78″ x 84″ and many more.

Here we introduced the most awaited collection which has the ability to create the rhythmic surroundings. This shower curtains are best for bathroom arena and will offer you a veil of relaxation. Made with PVC material and hence blended with some intricate design which makes them a show stopper in Indian market.

Livindia is the best curtain manufacturers in India which offers the decor made with PVC quality. We offers also the category like table decor, bath decor, accessories and so on. So if you are getting impressed with our products then enquire about the product and get it at a wholesale price in bulk. We also offer customized service.

About Livindia

LivIndia is known for offering a blend of quality, service & reliability. The products are designed by experienced craftsmen’s to give a unique touch of elegance. It is one of the leading manufacturers & wholesalers.

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