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Integration of Paymentwall into Eternal Wallet

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As Eternal Wallet commits to providing the best rates for currency exchange and largest amount received in overseas remittance, we have decided to integrate the services provided by PaymentWall Inc., an international global payments platform to further improve the usability of Eternal Wallet.

By utilizing their service, not only will credit payments be possible, but over 150 electronic cash global deposit channels will be added to Eternal Wallet for the purpose of catering to the wide demands and needs of users. The initial starting date for services is scheduled to be this autumn, October.

Eternal Wallet is a digital online-based wallet that is scheduled to start services in late August, and provides users with the world’s most efficient and largest amount of currency received when conducting overseas remittance and/or currency exchange.

Features of Eternal Wallet
Eternal Wallet has many features as below, and all of these features are necessary for achieving the world’s most affordable overseas remittance.

・Accessible anywhere around the globe just with a computer or smartphone
・Buying/selling of Eternal Coin (XEC. Refer to whitepaper) is possible within the wallet
・50% of the fees accrued are distributed to the holders of Eternal Coin
・By lending out Eternal Coin(XEC), users can receive dividends
・World’s largest amount received when exchanging between foreign currencies
・Optimization of fiat currencies (JPY, USD, etc.)
・Deposits/withdrawals via Bitcoin
・Ability to be traded with digital money
・Tradability of The Transfer Token (TTT refer to whitepaper)
・The sharing service, named E-counter, is available

Multi-currency Wallet
The Eternal Wallet provided by Atom Solutions is designed to be a multi-currency wallet, so fiat currencies of various countries can be stored within the wallet. At first we will start with two national currencies, then gradually increase the number and expand to other countries.

Eternal Wallet provides the best rates in the world for currency exchange. And with this, by directly sending the exchanged currency via Eternal Wallet to other countries’ Eternal Wallet users, the world’s most affordable overseas remittance can be attained.

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